Saturday, January 13, 2018

Best of 2017 - I Lived

2017 has been the complete definition of a roller coaster. Not just the ups and downs but the kinds that go underground. That's truly been my year. The New Year started and I couldn't walk without help. I spent a couple weeks in the hospital before I could get some actual answers. I went back to work part time and then finally full time and now here we are at the end of the year and not to be super corny but someone needs to play Martina McBride because I have been blessed. I still have bad days and I know that they'll happen so I've really tried having a good outlook and working on a lifestyle change and these things have helped me make it through this year.

Victoria's Secret Body Butter - after having shingles when I came back to work, it was a process to get through. So afterwards, I had and still have a big patch of now scarred and dry skin. This helps. So to my little brother who has no shame in going to any store, thank you for this because Lawd knows I don't shop at Victoria's Secret.

Quality vs Quantity - a concept that seems very common sense but now is making more sense. (who knew?) But coming back to the home I'm renting rather than my parent's home really made me realize that I have way too much shi!t. I knew I had a lot of stuff but now I see it as sh!t that is not going to help me and I can't keep up with it anymore. I can't defend it anymore. I'm not in college anymore so I don't need $2 flats or a ton of cheap sheets or bad makeup that will last for a month or two... I need something that will last a while and if that means seriously saving and investing in good quality insert blank, then that's what I need to do.

Bath and Body Works Sugar Scrub - I know that VS and BBW are owned by the same peeps but I would rather go to the B.B.Dubs any time and even more so when my girl, Vero, is working. She keeps me in the loop and it really helps that she's knowledgeable about the products other than just the scent and the packaging. Also getting rid of the dead skin is a big plus.

Water - ask anyone that knows me, I hate drinking water!!! My boyfriend was a camel in a previous life because he can literally slam almost a liter of water first thing in the morning. He's always on me about drinking more water and I thank him for it almost as much as I give him the 'eye'. Ladies, you know the one. So even though I hate it, I do whatever I can to make me drink more water which has done wonders for my water bottle collection. My body needs it, especially my kidneys, and the rest will follow.

My Backpacks - My medical one and my new-ish love - I had a post a while back in my Tale of the Tank series about my backpack. Read it. I treat my purses as artillery and they have to hold up. In my Tale of the Tank I had this backpack that helped me so much especially when I was still on a walker and a cane and now I have this gorgeous bag from Betsy Johnson that looks small but has so much space to still be a tank.

Self-care - I'm not a consistent blogger, that's obvious. I'm also not a consistent self-care advocate unless it has to do with sleep because if anything I know I need sleep and actual rest is a must or else. But in real ways. I have done a few baths but can't really do bath bombs and my tub is hella narrow so it's not the most comfortable but I'll do a great smelling candle and a face mask. I've learned that epsom salt can be great for inflammation and if I can lay off pain meds with a salt soak be it my feet or my entire body, then I'll do it. I don't mind medication but I'm definitely not opposed to finding other alternatives. Other alternatives also include food. I'm a tried and true New Mexican. I grew up on rice, beans, Allsups burritos and hotlinks and pretty much anything fried and covered in chile (not chili) and cheese. I can't do that anymore so I'm trying newer and healthier options to care for the body I have now or I won't make it physically or mentally.

What has gotten you through this entire year? Please let me know, I'm all for suggestions :)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Winter/ Christmas Tag - You're it!

Hello and Happy after-Christmas day everyone. I hope that everyone had a good holiday. Emily and all her wonderfulness at The Weird Girl Life had tagged me in a tag for fall but obviously that one hasn’t showed up and I will have to save it for some time. That got me to thinking that I had a saved post from last year and BEHOLD!!!! I did and I still have some time to send this out to the world. Now past me didn’t think to save the blogger who did this tag or else I’d have it all kinds of plastered so if you’ve done this tag and think you may have done it, comment me and let me know!! (And then when fall comes around as it always does then I’ll have a different one then.)

1.       What is your favorite Christmas/ Holiday film?
It has to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Always watched it with my dad and it’s hilarious!
2.       Where do you usually spend the holidays?
Usually with my familia
3.       What’s your favorite Christmas song?
  I’m a bit of a nerd so I’d have to go with Star in the East. It’s a song we did in choir and you can seriously look up any high school or college all state choir and find it. It’s different but I love it.
4.       Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
  Lol I used to. My dad’s side of the family usually celebrated the ‘noche buena’ so we’d all go over to my grandma’s house and pretty much have a party. Young and adult were up all night. Now that we’re older we have more of the party than present opening
5.       Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Fake – my house is kinda small and so far I can only keep a cactus alive so full out tree is probably not a good idea
6.       Favorite winter scent?
It was Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works FOR YEARS!!!! Up until they discontinued the scent so now…Marshmellow Fireside – still from Bath and Body Works
7.       Scarves or Beanies?
Scarves. I still love wearing beanies but I can’t wear those to work
8.       Favorite Holiday drink?
Hot chocolate duh
9.       Favorite Winter/Holiday essentials?
lip balm, scarves, and boots
10.   Favorite winter activity?
Movies and blankets – would like to say Netflix and Chill but soooooome people get the wrong idea…
11.   Do you use advent calendars?
  I did this year and it was fantastic!!! My boyfriend gave me my gift early so that I could enjoy my NYX lippie countdown. So worth it.
12.   Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Gingerbread man. Not the biggest fan of candy canes unless it’s a fruit flavored one
13.   Without cheating, can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph
14.   What made you realize the truth about Santa?
I realized he was real because I have the friggin Christmas spirit yo! Don’t even try to fight me on this.
15.   Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?
I don’t mind apple cider and I think it’s really good when someone else makes it. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work so Hot Cocoa for me

So here's the whole enchilada as far as the questions are concerned. There's still time for the the spirit towards the end of the year so go for it and let me know that you did it so I can read your answers too!!! Or you can do what I did and save it for later ;)

1.       What is your favorite Christmas/ Holiday film?
2.       Where do you usually spend the holidays?
3.       What’s your favorite Christmas song?
4.       Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
5.       Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
6.       Favorite winter scent?
7.       Scarves or Beanies?
8.       Favorite Holiday drink?
9.       Favorite Winter/Holiday essentials?
10.   Favorite winter activity?
11.   Do you use advent calendars?
12.   Candy cane or gingerbread men?
13.   Without cheating, can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
14.   What made you realize the truth about Santa?
15.   Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Secret Santa Gift Guide

Whether it's a familia decisions since life is more and more expensive or work life has everyone in the office filling out a form about likes and dislikes. Secret Santas are awesome. I love me some Christmas and I enjoy gift giving even if all I can afford is a candy bar.

So some peeps have one day to give a Secret Santa gift. I know for many families it's just the Christmas day or celebration, but I love the situation I have at work. We usually do 4 or 5 days or what ever days lead up to our Christmas party dinner.

Day 1. Drink
Day 2. Candy
Day 3. Random thing (if we don't have our party)
Day 4. Actual gift at the party

Typical Secret Santa rules are:
* of course, no sharing of giftee - takes the fun out of it
* no need to be extravagant - there's usually a price limit decided for the final gift.
* have fun with it

I understand that not everyone does Christmas.... whether its for different religions or preference, etc. This season regardless of the technicalities is about good intentions. We should be kind throughout the year but think about it. It's the end of the year and the end of everything that the year has thrown at us.

I like to do a little extra when I can at work to let my Secret Santa know that there's at least one person who sees them as a person and not just a coworker. When you work full time, you end up spending more time at work than at home or with others, so it helps when you get along and why not say hey, you're a cool peep and I appreciate you. Sounds corny but I mean it.

SO for actual gifts, most work circles revolve around $20 which gives you plenty of stuff to work with whether the giftee is male or female. Now I don't mind gift cards but they're too easy. I understand having someone who is hell to buy for. I'm looking the guys in my life, dad, brother and my wonderful but difficult boyfriend. I have an old post on some gifts if you wanna check those out but here's some ideas in general via my love for Amazon under $20. (but it's sooooo not sponsored because duh)

Can you say practical!?!? 

Phone Selfie Ringlight por favor

Even a few for sharing

Who doesn't need hydration in a glass bottle??? 
Samsung specific sorry Apple peeps

I've be an Amazon Prime member for a long time and have no problems going page after page into the depths of the lists of stuff because that two day shipping pays for itself throughout the year.

What do you usually look for for your Secret Santas?

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween Because You Can

You’re not too old for Halloween!!!

I had this argument with my boyfriend recently about debating what plans to do for the fall. Most of the exciting things happen in the state like the International Balloon Fiesta, and there’s just other festivals galore for my state. Of course we get invited to a couple Halloween parties, mainly through his friends and coworkers. Like any other holiday occasion, they were going to be costume parties. Mind you, he’s one of the youngest guys at his work and they’ve been asking what his costume is going to be and he’s been answering with “myself”. He doesn’t plan on wearing a costume because he states that he’s too old or his favorite coined phrase, he’s grown.

Now anyone who just enjoys holidays in general can see the brain cells dying off in my head because I’m totally rolling them. Happens every year and what he doesn’t realize is that it puts me in a slightly awkward spot because if we go, you know that your girl is gonna wanna dress up. (I only say slightly because while we could be that couple that dresses together, I don’t really have a problem going all out on my costume while he shows up in a regular t-shirt). His older brother throws a little family get together for Halloween that includes costumes and a pumpkin decorating contest. It’s all part of the spirit but I know and you know and they know and everyone and their dog knows that there are people in the world that think that if you have hit puberty then you are too old to be trick or treating and/or participating.

Now I know it’s not just a ‘girl’ thing to want to dress up and not be you, intentionally, with no judgement what-so-ever so I give you 5 reasons to join in the holiday spirit for Halloween.

1.       There are too few joys in life. There’s no hiding the turmoil that has plagued the world lately. Not just where I am in the state of New Mexico where we had our own shooting at a local public library but there’s been the terrible massacre in Las Vegas, Nevada. The multiple hurricanes to the southeast of the country as well as the wall of Hellfire up in the northwest of the country. Mother Nature has also taken a toll on other areas of the world as well as just the appalling actions of other humans here and everywhere else. We need a sort of release. We need a time to be together and remember that it’s ok to have a good time in order to renew spirits to handle tomorrow.

2.       It’s proof that we need to take ourselves a little less seriously. Now this is something that I can admit I am guilty of and I thank my wonderful boyfriend for pointing it out to me even if I don’t like it in that moment. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Call it the fault of the PC culture or Social Justice Warriors whatever you want, it’s all just an excuse. You can’t take yourself seriously all the time. You just can’t because if you do then it affects your personality and it has the potential to turn you not just into a party pooper but a general stick in the mud in life and no one wants to be around that (including yourself).

3.       It’s just fun overall. FUN. Whether you have the stupid SpongeBob song playing or a club song playing in your head. It’s almost a certifiable day to be lighthearted and whimsy. If your work allows you to dress up within reason, why not? If you’re invited to a grown up costume party and you want to be fun rather than risqué, why not? If you’d rather go vice versa, why not? It’s a perfect opportunity to try something new in terms of your personality and check out reactions. Everyone gets compliments around Halloween whether it’s for being scary, pretty, creative, risqué. You can still get away with throwing a sheet with two holes and be a ghost and still get laughs for crying out loud.

4.       Great family time. Now granted I don’t have kids and if you have them, you’re more than likely to keep them away from me because I have some unseen ability to scare children and it ultimately ends with crying and occasionally screaming. No lie and 98% of the time it’s unintentional. But I’ve also been at work and we usually participate in the Safe Stops for Trick Or Treating. The community does a fantastic job of putting it together for families to take especially the small children trick or treating during the day rather than in the depths of night. I’ve seen the full cast of the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy and the Lion in a stroller. I’ve seen the cast of Toy Story with 3 of them riding in a Red Wagon, one being the little green alien and my life was made. It’s just a good time all around for us who are giving the treats and for everyone who has to walk through our doors.

5.       It doesn’t have to be demonic. Yes, the history surrounding the connotation of Halloween is fairly dark. No matter what your faith or beliefs are, it’s good to remember that we can’t change the past. We can’t change the possibility or even of the idea that the spirits of those who’ve passed on have the opportunity to return or if you as a virgin light the Blake Flame Candle then the Sanderson sisters would return to suck the lives out of the children by sunrise. It is 2017 and we have the power and ability to make this holiday what we want. So if your group wants to throw up a picture of a goat and jam out to Norwegian black metal bands, whatever but don’t harm anyone. If your group wants to have a costume party zombies or heaven forbid, karaoke, do you booboo and don’t harm anyone. 

There are worse things in this life and in this world than a holiday we can use for fun rather than obligation. And on that note, what are you dressing up as?


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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Blues of my Life

As I'm writing this,  I realized that I went all day without mascara and part of me is apalled because if you read my super old post here, you'd understand. And then the other part is ok with it because my allergies have my eyes and nose and face all kinds of itching and runny and ew. But it made me remember that I hadn't done this post yet and I really needed to.

So a bit of a backstory with my mascara, I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was 15. My Quinceanera was a big milestone for me and anyone who's familiar with Hispanic culture knows that the doors open when you turn 15. And when I did I joined the sisterhood that my mom and aunt started. Blue masacara....

Now I know that you know that colored mascaras were a pretty decent trend for a while but from what I found nothing came close to my first love, my ride or die, my forever...AND IT WAS DISCONTINUED!!!!

What Maybelline didn't realize that I tend to stock up on the Great Last mascara in Royal Blue. I know it's not the best thing to have and do but it's a thing and I will not regret that because for a long time I had no idea that Maybelline discontinued my all time favorite mascara that me, my sister, my mom and my aunt wore FOR YEARS as our signature! And I felt blindsided to know that I finished the last bit of my mascara and couldn't restock until they came to their senses and brought it back and I bought two the first day I found them.

In that time before the heavens reopened, I tried a couple other drug store mascaras and had mixed results.

My first was from Covergirl that featured Katy Perry. I don't know if I got a bad one because I swear the moment I opened it, the brush came out clumpy and dry and scratchy even before I attempted it on my eyes. The color was more navy than anything and didn't really show up on my lashes and didn't do much at all. I know I've enjoyed the Covergirl foundation but obviously the eye side needs work.

The second was better. L'oreal Voluminous is pretty awesome anyway and they came out with a blue mascara. I had some real hope for these because I do enjoy the Carbon Black but it has to be waterproof or I am straight raccoon status. In all honesty it was pretty good in terms of the Voluminous quality that I'm already used to and while the color was not as bold when it's dry as my Royal Blue, it's still pretty good and I'll still use it. Now the Voluminous line also has a white mascara primer and if you're using it beforehand, the blue is brighter and it's nice as long as you make sure you cover all the white before it dries.

Now I know that people have mixed feelings about Maybelline and the Great Lash line itself. I've never used the black mascara and for me brown mascara is pointless. I used to use the clear Great Lash on my eyebrows but you can NOT understand my love for the Royal Blue mascara. It's my signature eye makeup. It's my thing. I get compliments on it just about every time I wear it. It is not waterproof but the formula is great enough to where it stays on my eyes until I wash it off. Even when I wash it off it doesn't take an act of Congress and a virgin sacrifice to clean it off without pain and a ton of pulling.

So on that note, it may be time to start restocking.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Bra Talk

There are days...... and then there are days where circumstances dictate what has to happen for that day. As a plus sized woman, there are certain standards that society will always be violated and for those that are offended, sorry your life sucks. It took me a long time to be comfortable with myself and every now and then, sometimes I gotta smack myself and remind myself that I’m fabulous. I had one of those moments this morning.

Aside from being B3 (Big, Bad, and Beautiful), I have always enjoyed the size of my chest, my bust, my rack of power if you will. I was a B cup in 6th grade and have only leveled up from there. But like any great power comes greater responsibility and I take it very seriously in the bra department. These girls need the support to be properly and tastefully on display and for that, I don’t mind spending a decent amount of money on quality bras from Lane Bryant. Nothing against Victoria’s Secret, but they don’t carry my size in store and if I’m going to spend an arm and a possible leg on bras, I want to be able to try them on before I buy them so thank you Lane Bryant for taking my money willingly in exchange for great bras that don’t stop working and are pretty too.

Since learning about and dealing with my new disease, I’ve been trying to keep an open mind and a closed wallet, however, my biggest complaint about losing weight is that my bras don’t fit right. I prefer padded and underwired and anyone who wears this combo knows that if it doesn’t fit, you will most likely be in pain. And I have been because with all the changes happening to my body and lifestyle, I can’t afford to replace them and then find out that I’d need to change them again. So I went to the only store I would and could go to and made a choice to try a bandeau bra slash bralette.

maurices carries straight sizes and plus size bralettes!
I’ve seen them everywhere on the interwebs and they are all the rage, but I’ve always been under the impression that they weren’t for me because I’ve normally seen them on smaller women with smaller busts. Finding these in my size at maurices was a surprise and a sign to bite the bullet and not knock it til I try it, especially considering these cost, literally, a third of what I would pay for a regular bra.
With the inflammation in my joints, there are some days where I can’t put on a bra because my hands can’t and won’t grip it. So here I am trying these little barely padded, no wire, basically tube tops and half of me is wanting to smack myself for going out in public for fear of rejection and ridicule. The other half was the half I listened to because I was able to mentally smack myself harder with the fact that if it feels good and it looks good, then it could be a beautiful relationship.

This style is cute and probably the most comfortable thing to wear on my ta-tas

And guess what? As I'm writing this.... this is my first day not just wearing it in public, but at work in a professional atmosphere and so far it feels wonderful.  I’m comfortable and the girls aren’t going wild without wires. My mind is going, if it feels great now, what about in other outfits for regular wear like sleeveless, razorbacks, scoop necks, off the shoulder, spaghetti straps, etc????? The possibilities are endless so take it from me, take a chance and try it, whatever ‘it’ may be.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thou Shall Smell Good

This may seem trivial but I kid you not, my best friend and I had a legit long discussion about this topic and I found that this was a situation that I need remedied. We’ve finally come to terms with the fact that we are closer to thirty and yet still don’t feel like we’ve met many of the traditional adult milestones yet let alone feel like adults.

I had that smacked on my forehead recently while cleaning out some drawers. I’m really working on downsizing and while the idea of minimizing is kind of appealing, I don’t think I could go all the way. But I know I have way too much junk. In that same area, I have a rather deep drawer for my makeup and my smell good stuff. That’s when it hit me….I have one bottle of perfume. Of actual perfume. It was a Christmas gift in college, I think, because it’s one of the Ed Hardy perfumes.

So I have this one bottle of perfume and I remember only using it for special occasions because it was the only one I had. As a person in the arts, for rehearsals, recitals and performances I had to smell good. My mom had always told me that there is no reason to not smell good. Also with being a larger than the average girl both width wise and height wise, smelling bad was a stereotype I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall into. So I had body sprays. My store of choice as it is for many youngins and ladies of the like, Bath and Body Works. And from the looks of my drawers, it looks like it’s the only thing I do wear. Japanese Cherry Blossom, Paris Amour, A Thousand Wishes, as well as a few that have been discontinued like the Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Twilight Woods, and my Blushing Cherry Blossom circa 2009. I don’t have to tell you that I’m a fan of the buy 3 get 2 free sale…or sales in general…..or knowing when the sales come because one of my best girlfriends keeps me in the loop or lets me know when my current addicted scent is going to be discontinued….(Thank you Bona and I love you so much :D)

Obviously it’s a lot and it’s not that I don’t use them, it’s just a lot. In high school, I had one at home and one at multiple places in school. In college, I had one in my car and backpack as well. Now I have a spare at work, a mini in my purse and car. I’m also not a person just to do one or two spritzes either. Ya gotta do the body, the pulse points, the nether region and the hair. It’s ok to do that because it’s not as strong as a perfume and doesn’t last as long, especially when you had dance class, marching band, swim practice, theatre rehearsals under stage lights, etc. I used it like my life depended on it and for performances I’d use the real deal.  

But now that I’m not in school, a lot of my extracurricular activities graduated to extinction with my academic life. I still wear them and have no problem wearing it but I don’t feel as great when I’m working the Tahitian Paradise body spray while my boyfriend is wearing Versace Cologne and I’m 3 whiffs from attacking him, just saying. Ladies who know, will know that there is nothing wrong with a man that smells good.

But I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not a student anymore. I’m finding myself in between young lady and lady (insert throwback to Brittney's Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman). So why does it matter? Everyone’s seen the memes about starting from the bottom with Lip Smacker and now we here at Mac Lipsticks.

Gotta love the power of the Google
I kinda feel like I’m missing out on that part so to help me out I’m experimenting with some scents. Helping my bff in the estrogen department by going to Ulta to get a refill on his Dolce and Gabana Light Blue cologne, see the trend?? I picked up a roll on perfume from Kate Spade. Small enough to not cost an arm and a leg and for now I like it as a good summer scent so we’ll see how it goes. But I think it’s time to grow up a bit.