Monday, September 4, 2017

Bra Talk

There are days...... and then there are days where circumstances dictate what has to happen for that day. As a plus sized woman, there are certain standards that society will always be violated and for those that are offended, sorry your life sucks. It took me a long time to be comfortable with myself and every now and then, sometimes I gotta smack myself and remind myself that I’m fabulous. I had one of those moments this morning.

Aside from being B3 (Big, Bad, and Beautiful), I have always enjoyed the size of my chest, my bust, my rack of power if you will. I was a B cup in 6th grade and have only leveled up from there. But like any great power comes greater responsibility and I take it very seriously in the bra department. These girls need the support to be properly and tastefully on display and for that, I don’t mind spending a decent amount of money on quality bras from Lane Bryant. Nothing against Victoria’s Secret, but they don’t carry my size in store and if I’m going to spend an arm and a possible leg on bras, I want to be able to try them on before I buy them so thank you Lane Bryant for taking my money willingly in exchange for great bras that don’t stop working and are pretty too.

Since learning about and dealing with my new disease, I’ve been trying to keep an open mind and a closed wallet, however, my biggest complaint about losing weight is that my bras don’t fit right. I prefer padded and underwired and anyone who wears this combo knows that if it doesn’t fit, you will most likely be in pain. And I have been because with all the changes happening to my body and lifestyle, I can’t afford to replace them and then find out that I’d need to change them again. So I went to the only store I would and could go to and made a choice to try a bandeau bra slash bralette.

maurices carries straight sizes and plus size bralettes!
I’ve seen them everywhere on the interwebs and they are all the rage, but I’ve always been under the impression that they weren’t for me because I’ve normally seen them on smaller women with smaller busts. Finding these in my size at maurices was a surprise and a sign to bite the bullet and not knock it til I try it, especially considering these cost, literally, a third of what I would pay for a regular bra.
With the inflammation in my joints, there are some days where I can’t put on a bra because my hands can’t and won’t grip it. So here I am trying these little barely padded, no wire, basically tube tops and half of me is wanting to smack myself for going out in public for fear of rejection and ridicule. The other half was the half I listened to because I was able to mentally smack myself harder with the fact that if it feels good and it looks good, then it could be a beautiful relationship.

This style is cute and probably the most comfortable thing to wear on my ta-tas

And guess what? As I'm writing this.... this is my first day not just wearing it in public, but at work in a professional atmosphere and so far it feels wonderful.  I’m comfortable and the girls aren’t going wild without wires. My mind is going, if it feels great now, what about in other outfits for regular wear like sleeveless, razorbacks, scoop necks, off the shoulder, spaghetti straps, etc????? The possibilities are endless so take it from me, take a chance and try it, whatever ‘it’ may be.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thou Shall Smell Good

This may seem trivial but I kid you not, my best friend and I had a legit long discussion about this topic and I found that this was a situation that I need remedied. We’ve finally come to terms with the fact that we are closer to thirty and yet still don’t feel like we’ve met many of the traditional adult milestones yet let alone feel like adults.

I had that smacked on my forehead recently while cleaning out some drawers. I’m really working on downsizing and while the idea of minimizing is kind of appealing, I don’t think I could go all the way. But I know I have way too much junk. In that same area, I have a rather deep drawer for my makeup and my smell good stuff. That’s when it hit me….I have one bottle of perfume. Of actual perfume. It was a Christmas gift in college, I think, because it’s one of the Ed Hardy perfumes.

So I have this one bottle of perfume and I remember only using it for special occasions because it was the only one I had. As a person in the arts, for rehearsals, recitals and performances I had to smell good. My mom had always told me that there is no reason to not smell good. Also with being a larger than the average girl both width wise and height wise, smelling bad was a stereotype I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall into. So I had body sprays. My store of choice as it is for many youngins and ladies of the like, Bath and Body Works. And from the looks of my drawers, it looks like it’s the only thing I do wear. Japanese Cherry Blossom, Paris Amour, A Thousand Wishes, as well as a few that have been discontinued like the Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Twilight Woods, and my Blushing Cherry Blossom circa 2009. I don’t have to tell you that I’m a fan of the buy 3 get 2 free sale…or sales in general…..or knowing when the sales come because one of my best girlfriends keeps me in the loop or lets me know when my current addicted scent is going to be discontinued….(Thank you Bona and I love you so much :D)

Obviously it’s a lot and it’s not that I don’t use them, it’s just a lot. In high school, I had one at home and one at multiple places in school. In college, I had one in my car and backpack as well. Now I have a spare at work, a mini in my purse and car. I’m also not a person just to do one or two spritzes either. Ya gotta do the body, the pulse points, the nether region and the hair. It’s ok to do that because it’s not as strong as a perfume and doesn’t last as long, especially when you had dance class, marching band, swim practice, theatre rehearsals under stage lights, etc. I used it like my life depended on it and for performances I’d use the real deal.  

But now that I’m not in school, a lot of my extracurricular activities graduated to extinction with my academic life. I still wear them and have no problem wearing it but I don’t feel as great when I’m working the Tahitian Paradise body spray while my boyfriend is wearing Versace Cologne and I’m 3 whiffs from attacking him, just saying. Ladies who know, will know that there is nothing wrong with a man that smells good.

But I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not a student anymore. I’m finding myself in between young lady and lady (insert throwback to Brittney's Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman). So why does it matter? Everyone’s seen the memes about starting from the bottom with Lip Smacker and now we here at Mac Lipsticks.

Gotta love the power of the Google
I kinda feel like I’m missing out on that part so to help me out I’m experimenting with some scents. Helping my bff in the estrogen department by going to Ulta to get a refill on his Dolce and Gabana Light Blue cologne, see the trend?? I picked up a roll on perfume from Kate Spade. Small enough to not cost an arm and a leg and for now I like it as a good summer scent so we’ll see how it goes. But I think it’s time to grow up a bit.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I've Got That Summertime June Favorites

Well interweb peeps, June is over. Half of the year is already gone and I’ve got some serious whiplash. My bff and I were talking about what we’ve done in the last six months. I won’t get you with the details of the entire past, we are here to see favorites. And for June, there’s a few. Literally because these had been rocking my month. They may be few, but they be awesome.

Kind is the New Pretty – Tarte – If you read my last month’s favorites, which you should here, then you’ll know that I bought this little set on sale during the Ulta megasale of awesomeness. Of course, with my lowered immune system, I was getting sick and wasn’t one for wearing makeup. But now that I’m semi-sane, I’m so glad I bought this mini pallet. It’s easy to get to and has everything great shades that I can literally wear everyday. I’ve made a few trips back home and have had to make super early trips to the doctor so this little pallet plus a couple brushes and some mascara and I’m set.

I had to get rid of a lot of makeup after my stent of being an incubus of plague so between lack of money and the amount of makeup I tend to wear on a normal basis, I've really wanted more of an all-in-one situation and this little pallet has it.

I will admit that I didn't expect it to be this small. It fits in the palm of my hand. The bronzer works really well for my skin tone as it's not too warm. The blush is a bit more on the orange side but I strangely like it. It's buildable for me because I can imagine overdoing it, especially at home where my lighting is terrible thanks to wood panelling, so it's always a bit darker in my house than I like. Now the highlight....It is pretty fabulous. Granted when I put too much so that I look like a unicorn licked my face, it can be a bit much because it's white. The picture doesn't do the sparkle justice and in the words of YouTuber Nicole Guerriero, "Sir, can you see this highlight?" It definitely packs a punch but somedays I wanna be chill and not punch people with my highlight. 

Sally Hansen Instadry Nail Color – Petal Pusher – I hadn’t painted my nails in a hot minute. I haven’t had my nails done in an even hotter minute. Despite everything going on with me, my nails to tend to grow pretty fast so acrylics and gel can get pretty expensive. So instead of a super bold color I grabbed this for a little color and I am loving it. It’s subtle enough to not clash with everything and it doesn’t take forever and a day to dry.

I'm not kidding when I say it's a literal quick drying nail polish. If I have a solid seven minutes, the brush is wide enough to cover most of my nails in one swipe and opaque enough to not be entirely streaky. I can still do two coats, have them dry and pop a quick top coat and dry in roughly that time. So don't be too heavy on the hand and it'll all be well with the world.

Zuchini boats – Pinterest recipe – one of my best girlfriends and I have been working on newer and healthier recipes and once a week we make them and have a chance to catch up on life. Since we both were raised in a way that didn’t always include a lot of veggies like zucchini and squash, I’ve strayed away from them mainly out of ignorance. NOT the case anymore. This recipe she found on Pinterest from called for ground chicken but we used ground turkey and lemme tell you, I’ve made it again and it’s pretty fricken awesome and surprisingly filling. So go check out my Food board onPinterest and test it out yourself.

So yes June be few but I can honestly say these have been consistently happening all month which is not always the case for lots of people, I've noticed. But even though the month is halfway gone, here's what I've been up to, what have you been up too or been loving lately?

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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Modern Window Shopping - Le Wishlist

A common plague to the twenty something woman - not being made of money. With the pile of bills continuing to add up thanks to the array of doctors, the priorities of where my money goes has been spoken for. So some of my goals now include trying to pinch a few pennies to save up for some things that I wouldn't normally have to think twice on. I've always imagined people in the city who walked down five avenue checking out awesome things at awesome stores and normally in about sizes 3 or 4 times too small. Also in a tiny town plus the summer wind doesn't make for a pleasant day on the town. So instead, I turn toward the internet and do my 'window shopping' there. So far these things are what I have my eye on to help keep me from buying coffee in the morning or lunch when we're short handed at work or needing to save up for a repairs charge from my freaking landlord(that will come later).

So here's my happy place lately.

Torrid tends to get me in trouble. I love that they have my size and freaking awesome clothes that I could normally only afford when on a great flash sale or on clearance. My sister and I have developed this thing with pineapples and low and behold Torrid has a bright AF pineapple dress that needs to be in my life but sadly not at $54. So instead I will stalk it and wait for the moment I can afford it and snag it before my size disappears.

 If you haven't read much from me, you'll find out quickly that I'm a fan of Amazon and Amazon Prime. I've had great luck with my back when my health was at it's worst, you can read about my lifesaver of a backpack. But it got me thinking about my purse situation. I still enjoy having my tank of a purse. I mean hell, I've started a series on the tank because doing a simple little "what's in my bag?" But these two have my eye and I can't decide which to save for first. They aren't expensive but for right now, they must be on the wish list

This one is actually just going to happen sooner than the ones before. I've been spending a lot of time in my living room and on my phone still. Don't get me wrong, I love my Galaxy S7, but I've shot the battery and have to charge it a bit more often than I like. But on the go, I still carry my external battery and what not but I shouldn't need to use one at home. So this little gem is roughly $10 on the Amazon so to keep me from running back and forth from my room and missing messages, notifications and calls from the familia, I'll avoid a few impulses to be comfortable.

Something small but I'm thinking that it's good to have goals to move toward even if they're small. And if I have enough strength to keep these in my wish list for now, then I'm making some decent progress. What kind of things are in your wishlist?

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

May Favorites - Time to Chill

Another month has come and gone and it’s kind of insane as to how fast things are starting to pick up. It’s currently around 90 degrees here in New Mexico so I’m doing my best to stay out of it all. It’s bad for me and my mood. What has been making my mood better this month tho are great things. Some I’ve rediscovered and some totally new, so check it out and leave me a comment with some of your favorites.

Amazon Firestick – My wonderful man of mine gave this to me for Christmas a few years back and I used it sparingly but didn’t really get into all the amazingness unless I turned off my cable. So yea, I’m going through life with no cable, no satellite, just a pretty awesome, and new, internet service that makes using this thing a necessity in life. Now mine isn’t like the newer ones with the voice activation and I’m ok with that. I already use Amazon Prime and can stream a ton of shows and movies. I have my YouTube account signed in so I don’t even have to bring out my phone or laptop and do I even need to mention Netflix? The next stop will be Hulu at some point, but for now…Life is pretty damn entertaining in a good way.

Actual Pic from Le Amazon Site

Tarte Lip Scuptor in Kind – So towards the end of Ulta’s super sale that ended in April, I took a shot at a little pallet from Tarte and with it being on a pretty good sale, I thought why not. Now the pallet is ok, to be honest I haven’t had a real chance to use it HOWEVER comma, I have been so in love with the lip color that came with it. It’s a lipstick on one end and a lip gloss on the other. Everyone talks about their perfect nude and since my lips are large and a bit discolored anyway I didn’t think I could and then I wore this and the heavens opened up and the Snapchat halo of flowers appeared on my head. Lol. All dramatics aside, both sides are wonderful in texture and sometimes I’ll wear both and sometimes I’ll wear one. The lip gloss I’m most impressed with because I usually stray away from glosses because of the stickiness. Can’t stand it, won’t have any of it. My ideal ‘gloss’ has been the Juicy Shaker from Lancome. But this right here may turn me onto Tarte lips if more of their lip products are this smooth.

Lipstick on the Left and Gloss on the Right - Same Bea-U-tiful Color

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer – With the seasons changing and the wind blowing and my newly lowered immune system, this is a must. Don’t get me wrong, I also love the Purell brand and what not. But when you got a great girlfriend who works at the BBDubs and keeps you up to date on the best sales, you tend to stock up. (and for that I thank and love you Bona!!!) I’ve got the big size and mini sizes and have stocked up at some points where I give them to other girls at work because if you’ve ever worked with the public, things can get gross really quick and even more so if you have to handle money.

Old Packaging and New Little PocketPacs

Play N Skillz – Si Una Vez – Ok I’ve not had a favorite song in a hot minute. But let me tell you that when I heard this song. I didn’t even hear the music, I heard the lyrics and immediately had instant focus. This song was originally sung by Selena, wonderful Hispanic icon of my childhood who was taken from us way too early – even before TuPac, and hadn’t heard a good representation of any of her songs other than what her family has already done. But this song, I literally have had on repeat for an embarrassing amount of time and do I feel ashamed of it? Not one bit. Now I don’t care much for the English version, not to discredit Frankie J and Leslie Grace who are also in the song , (just listen to it, there’s quite a few people involved) but I think it loses something in translation. I think it’s a fantastic song that can stand on its own as well as give a wonderful tribute to Selena and her legacy.

It's been a pretty chill month as find my way around getting back into life. Little show...well lotta shows and good music and a little piece of mind. What are your favorites?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5 Necessary Cozy Office Decorations

I’m a firm believer that you have to be comfortable in your own space. More often than not, I’m at work more than I am at home so excuse my language when I say Hell Yes, I want to be comfy in my office bubble. And being on the mend has changed a lot of my perspective because I’m at the point where I don’t want to take care of allllllll my clutter. So in looking around my office, I believe it’s time to redecorate.

I’ve had my customers come in and say it feels cozy and yes, that helps too. Your surroundings affect how you feel and how others feel around you in that space. I’m no neat freak by far, like seriously from Death Valley to the moon far, but it’s time for a change. Besides Spring and Summer are here and it’s time to put away the dark table coverings and replace the dark folders and dark decorations and clear off a bit more space to feel fresh and hopefully keep the cozy feeling.

So here’s my necessary items that I keep my workspace cute and cozy no matter what theme I have.

Himalayan salt stone lamp - No matter what beliefs you have, this thing is amazing. They come in sizes small to OMG huge, but the benefits are awesome. Electronics put out positive ions that can mess with your body’s stuff and cause harm like headaches if you have a desk job that has you staring at a computer screen all day. This lamp gives off negative ions to cancel them out and I haven’t had a headache since. Who’s saving money on ibuprofen and Tylenol? Also it’s a cute conversation starter because trust me, everyone notices it and every kid will want to know what it is.

Shiny Canister - I’m a huge fan of shiny and glitter anything. I tend to lean into walking around like a disco ball but I understand for some people it can be too much. So walking around Hobby Lobby, I found this canister on clearance and while it looks deep, it’s not but it does have room to hold some candy or keys or in my case a stash of Colgate wisps for after lunch.

Scentsy or wax warmer – avoiding open flame in the workplace is pretty standard and with the variety of people I see and sometimes smell on a daily basis, having the room smell nice is essential. Living in the Southwest, agriculture is a big part of our industry but I don’t necessarily need my office to smell like cows. Just sayin.

Statement Piece (My cross) - Now most of my things are kinda general but I like to pull my personality in and that can be with a statement piece. This was a gift from my mom for my birthday a few years back. A friend of hers had made one for my mom for Christmas and it was gorgeous but could I bring it back with me? NOOO. Then this beauty came in and I was more than ok with it. My favorite colors plus glitter and you have me wrapped up with a fleur di lis. Who could ask for more?

Hand Sanitizer/Lotion – I’m a sucker for office supplies so when I found this little organizer on clearance at Hobby Lobby, I was determined to use it. Stick on a few scrapbook gems and a monogram and I have a space for my much needed hand sanitizer and lotion. Bath and Body Works is a good friend to have and having a wonderful friend who works there to let you know when the good sales are happening is even better and slightly dangerous. But anyone who works with the public knows that it’s a must and I don’t mind sharing it with my clients either. They feel great and smell great and with how sick I am, it makes me feel better.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Travel Reality - the Straight Up UGLY

One of the highlights of my 2016 year was being able to visit my sista over on the east coast. We'd been planning it for over a year, so despite the beginning of my illnesses, I was bound and determined to go even if it killed me.

So what had happened was...

The airline we took was one my sister, my bff who also came, and myself had never heard of. Spirit. Now I know that some of you are thinking, wellll there ya go. We had no idea and I've been on a plane maybe 4 times in my life. But my bff and I had things planned. We'd pay for checked luggage and have our personal items. We were planning on taking post wedding pictures in Philly, so I had my Maid of Honor dress and my good makeup and hair necessities all for it to never show up when we landed.

You always hear about things happening to luggage or see how airlines in general handle luggage behind the scenes, but when your airline gives your luggage to a different airline at an international airport and they can't find it, you may start to panic. The customer service rep in the claims department even said there was a possibility that it could have gone out of the country.

We arrived Sunday, called everyday, bought everything we needed with kept receipts which was about 1500 between my bff and I because everyone knows plus size, big and tall anything is not cheap. They finally found my luggage in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday of our stay. Flew it out to the airport but had to Fedex to my sister's house. But!! It rained and the FedEx sticker came apart from the wet luggage and was found in New Jersey. We finally have it returned on Friday and we were leaving again on Sunday.

Now with needing to purchase a week's worth of life from underwear to hair and makeup for the wedding pictures, my bff and I were ready for a fight if we had to pay for another 2 carry-ons on top of what we already paid the first go around. Thankfully it wasn't necessary but the bruises from carrying that bag through security and having that bag checked literally 6 times at security was brutal. AND guess who missed her flight home on the last flight of the day to Dallas? Mind you, it was 4 in the morning on top of it.

Time passes and we have been working on our claim for reimbursement. If I can tell you anything about any sort of claims, it's these main points:

1. Keep your receipts and make copies of said receipts. My bff handled this like a pro because both of us had copies of the receipts for EVERYTHING, even the paperwork and email correspondence.

2. Read the instructions carefully. Everything has a timeline and in our case, it also needed to be notarized.

3. If you need to mail it out, spend a few bucks to get it registered or certified mail. Someone on the receiving end has to sign for it and that was our saving grace because le bff sent it certified and had proof that Spirit claims received when they tried to deny our claim saying they didn't get it in time.

Needless to say, though my luggage is trashed from how it was handled and then being left out in the rain, I've learned a very valuable lesson. Pack smarter and learn to pack tighter to fit things in my carry on.

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