Saturday, September 6, 2014

So Here's the Sitch

So every now and then, there's this thought that comes across about what is there in the world for people like me. Like anyone else who loves social media and maybe slightly addicted to Pinterest, I found this whole other community that I want to be a part of. And with a little support, here I am. My name's Jazz and I'm a relatively new plus size blogger with a love for fashion, life, style, and all that other jazz. My tia always told me that I needed to carry myself like the big, bad, and beautiful young woman I am and honestly every woman should be that way regardless of her size. My other tia, who was basically my second mom, always reminded me that you always need a little sparkle in your life. She rests in peace but she left a trail of glitter on the world to remember her by.
I originally started my blogging journey on tumblr but I felt it was time to take a step more in the right direction, so I hope you're around to enjoy the ride. 

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