Monday, September 8, 2014

The Time Has Come

So I'm doing my laundry and it finally dawns on me, I may have too many clothes. The closet I had in my old apartment was a massive at least by my standards. But my current place is limited in the size department. So there are drawers and drawers and my itty bitty closet. I've what I can to maximize my space...

Coke tabs on the hangers - got it.
Different ways of folding pants and shirts to fit in smaller drawers - done it.
Not doing laundry for a while - do that too often.

And now, here I am with my bed full of folded clothes and clothes that need to be hung and it's entirely too obvious. There won't be enough room. I have well over six years of shopping in my house. Six years of not being able to have decent to access clothing and so for a long time, when I found something that I like and by the grace of God, it also fit. BUY every color! Thankfully, I've outgrown a few either by size or by style or just thinking 'what in the world was I thinking?' and it's really just growing up, I guess.

All through high school, I was the girl who wore a T-shirt and jeans. College came and I was finally able to come into my own and find a style that suits me and like fashion, it's always changing. But now I'm thinking, maybe it's time to let go some of the old things. Not necessarily the old me but more along the lines of opportunity knocking and saying that it's time to move forward.

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