Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tales of the Tank - Makeup

As much as we try not to rush around in the morning, we have those times where we wake up and realize that you have about thirty minutes to get up, wash up, get dressed and get to work on time. Let’s be honest, it happens. To some people, more often than they care to admit. You can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you about my Tank. I have tanks for purses. They aren’t huge tote bags, although my mom says that it should be. I’ve also heard all the “you’re going to hurt your back, shoulders, etc with the size and weight of your purse.” Tell that to the publishers who make $300 text books.


I have a system and it works for me for just about any situation. And for the occasional late-waking-up-day and frantically flying to work, I have found that sometimes it’s just easier to get ready and bring my makeup with me to do at work. (read about that here). I know some don’t approve but I am also a person who wears makeup every day and don’t feel like I’m properly dressed for my professional setting without my makeup. I was also not blessed with great skin, so there’s that too. It’s just one of those things.

Anyways, I have this cute little bag that lives in my tank and has saved me many a time whether it be at work, or just out. And it has been the best little makeup carrier ever and the best part was it was about five dollars at Big Lots.

The top zipper lets me stock it with a couple eye liners, brushes, and bobby pins. Easy to see and easy access. The bag zipper holds my face powder, oil blotting sheets, lip balms, lip butters, mascaras, the occasional hair ties, and of course a compact mirror. On a trip, I’ll pack in my Naked Basics eye shadows and Flushed pallet and it all fits! Throw in my purse and I am set for the day. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag and touch ups throughout the day are conquered.

I love finding great finds on the cheap. Of course what woman doesn’t love sales and when you have something that works, you stick to it like waterproof mascara. High quality and top dollar aren’t always together, sometimes you just find the best things at Big Lots on a Sunday afternoon after eating breakfast with family at Ihop. Sometimes the good Lord just knows that you need something awesome in your life and like my mom says, “there are too few joys in life.” Can I get an amen?

Some days, we just need a little extra help and this is where the purse comes in. I can understand using a clutch for an event, but how you get anything done anywhere in those teeny tiny coin purses is beyond me. Especially when I got my kindle for my birthday a couple years back, I had it attached to me everywhere so my purses have to be at least big enough for a Kindle Fire HD 8.9. Yes that is a big mofo of a tablet but it is so worth it.

Bottom line is that no one can be too prepared for any situation, whether it is get to work in the style of the Fast and the Furious, or to an event that you plan on attending straight after work, or just in case the khol pencil you were trying out now makes you look like a raccoon, the tank holds most if not all the solutions. This little bag has saved me a few times and a lot of others have something similar. What do you carry in yours?

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