Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tales of the Tank - Electronics

So I know I say that I lose track of time but honestly, there's been a lot of shiz going down. Between work and a surgery that didn't go my way and an epic vacation, things have gone on. But on that note, there's a lot to talk about and one of those things has to go with today's post.

Call me a nerd, and I’ll agree, but if you are anything like my younger brother and I, we have ways to keep ourselves entertained. Whether it be on road trips or a doctor’s office or waiting on a flight, there is time to kill and shut out the world. We are shamelessly attached to our electronics and have nearly perfected our system when it comes to taking, using and charging.

He has his own and I have my tank aka my purse. Should it be an actual tote? Probably but I just like big purses. In the words of Victoria Donelda on YouTube, it gives me life. In the words of my mother, I carry everything including the kitchen sink. Either way you look at it, there’s me with my tank. Now on what I carry on the daily is a little different than on a trip but it only varies ever so slightly.

Now the purses I tend to get have that middle zipper pocket in the middle, most times I like it and honestly sometimes I just want to rip it out. However comma, I do find uses for it. I carry with my on the daily:
-My phone
-my phone charger
-my iPhone that has the majority of my music (now my iPod that I got for my birthday)
-iPhone/iPod charger
-an external battery 
-my kindle fire hd 8.9 (the big one)
-a dual wall adapter (ten bucks at walmart) and car adapter (ten bucks at walgreens)
and recently started carrying my Olympus Tough point and shoot camera.
Especially on trips, I will throw in my Nintendo 3DS XL.

(btw don't own meme duh)

Now granted, my car adapter stays in my car and I have a dual adapter at home as well as at work, but the minute I need to go somewhere where they are not, they are on my person. Now if you are female and wear slacks, you know the struggle is real when it comes to pockets, so I took it upon myself and my sanity to gather the cords and adapters/chargers up in a $3 makeup bag from the Wally World. If I’m feeling extra ambitious then I’ll wrap the cords up but if I’m grabbing it from work to go home it’s normally thrown in but the point is that it's in there.

This way, I have all the cords I need which include, my Android charger for my S7, Ipod charger, cord for my external battery, camera cord, and DS charger. No matter where I am, I don’t have to worry about the 2% battery life or hurrying a gym battle up on my DS to save the game before I lose everything.

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