Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekend Travel - I Got This!

Packing for a weekend does seem hard right? I was heading up to spend the weekend with my BFF, it is tax free weekend and since he lives in a bigger city, it just made sense. Part of getting myself together is a lot of throw it as you go and sometimes it works but more times it does not. It may be normal to feel like you’re forgetting something but it’s a totally different thing when you really are forgetting something and remembering it all when you’re twenty miles out. However, on the plus side I do have some things that never fail to work every time.

Now I will say that I don’t do as much travelling as I would like, but I’m all for having the right tools for the right situation. So when I go to town since my BFF and I are house sitting, he is using what will be his messenger back pack… If I could take a picture of the face I made I would but I can’t so I won’t. I had the same issue with my boyfriend. One of the first few trips we made, he carried his stuff in a plastic bag. This would not due. This is a guy who’s travelled a bit, like a lot more than I have. And the last straw was when he going to have another big guy trip with his crew. So I could Not NOT be a good girlfriend and let that happen. That was one year where I was so proud of my Christmas present.

I’m a huge fan of bags, big and small. There’s always something that can be compartmentalized, especially for a trip. I have 3 that I will always pack no matter what. One for makeup, one for bathroom stuff, and one for a few other things that don’t go with the other two.

My ‘beauty’ bag was probably one of the greatest finds at Forever 21. It’s small but holds a ton and a half. I have my primers, makeup basics, and brushes all in one bag. I have different brush brands so they are different sizes but the Lawd is on my side because they all fit and it zips into the little square shape. The bigger pink one is one that I have my must-haves, hair comb because my hair is so short now that I don’t really need a brush, my deodorant because duh, and a body spray. When my hair was longer, I had a slew of rubber bands and bobby pins, but kinda don’t need it anymore minus the bobby pins, those just tend to disappear.

Now don’t judge the giant zip lock bag, there is a method to the madness. Bathroom stuff is messy. Whether its shampoo and conditioner or the baby powder and baby oil, zip lock bags are the easiest things to use and to replace. If you’re traveling, definitely they will save your life and the rest of your luggage. When I went to Vegas, my friend had his toiletries in one corner of his suitcase and they leaked. On a different occasion, one of my aunts made a trip to the Land of Enchantment from back east, back in the Aqua Net days and her can of hair spray exploded. Just think about it. Would you rather have a mess over everything in your suitcase including the suitcase itself OR would you rather have it in a clear plastic bag that you can just dump in the sink and rinse it off?

I think everyone should have a few sizes as far as bags for travel. One for overnight, one for a weekend, and one for everything else. If you’ve read my Emergencies post then you’ve seen my go-to silver bag. I’d say it’s a solid weekender bag. There’s a ton of space and even though you know that the material is a bit thin, it is sturdy as hell. I’m kind of hard on my bags and yet, this one has made it thru every trip I’ve had with it so far. Moral of the story, if you’re going to spend money, make it count because quality can mean pretty cute and pretty practical.  

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