Sunday, January 3, 2016

Operation Ducks in a Row – Downsizing...

While I don’t plan on this post being about making a new me in the new year, I will say that attempting to downsize, especially in my wardrobe, needed some new motivation. My goal for 2016 is to be more positive and that in itself is harder than it looks for someone who’s picture can be found in the dictionary under pessimist. Part of being and feeling positive is to see a light at the end of this tunnel.

I started the downsizing process a few months back when I started the Operation Ducks in a Row series. I’ve had some great moments about shopping my closet instead of buying more. About packing up pieces to donate and sell to free up space, but I’m currently at a plateau in the process. I’ve taken a lot out but it’s still not enough, so I’m trying something else and it’s starting to work out pretty well.

Keep in mind that I love me some retail therapy especially when it comes to plus size clothes. I really have two stores in the next town over that I can consistently find clothes to fit my shape and my height in store, thank you maurices and Cato. So if I’m going out of town and there’s a Torrid, then I could definitely find myself in trouble. But in these past few months, I have resisted the urge for flash sales, clearance sales unless I was in absolute need. An example is that I had to get a pair of black pants that I could wear boots with to work because my only pair, from Old Navy, had finally fallen victim to the chub rub after two years. A tragic moment that every B3 woman must face at some point…

Back to the point is that what I’ve been doing lately is doing laundry. I’d been running short on time and have put in a bit of overtime, so pieces that I hadn’t worn in forever and a day were popping up in the wash. Instead of taking them out before washing, I’ve been washing them and putting them in their own pile but not separating what to sell or donate. The reason for that is that I have a couple friends who are around my size and them being awesome, have first dibs. After that, then I could probably sell some on Facebook garage sales group and just get rid of it or donate it.
So here’s what I’m planning….

For now, I want to get this plan in motion and give an update when it’s said and done. Maybe pick up some more tips on the way, so if you have a tip that helps you, let me know! Any and all help is much appreciated.

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