Tuesday, January 12, 2016

*I read this little article from the Huffington Post the other day about beauty products that every grown woman should have. Going through it, I can agree with most of them. They are pretty vague and basic, and sometimes we need simple and basic, but I think we can also just up it just a tad. So I want to go through Dana Oliver’s list with my two cents and you can take what you will and add your opinion in the comments.

1. Red Lipstick – Every grown woman needs some shade of red lipstick, or lippie as the new lingo goes. If you haven’t heard of the Lipstick Index or the Lipstick Effect, Google it and learn you some because this makes sense in an odd way. Red lipstick is always seen as a classic staple in makeup and has withstood the test of time. So what is noticed is that when financial times, like the stock market or the economy in general, is down or even in great or great tragic events, then the sales of lipstick, particularly in red, skyrocket. They saw it during the Great Depression, after 9/11, and the recession beginnings of 2008. This I totally agree with because anyone can stick with a standard drug store red and look like a million bucks without breaking the budget or have your designer but still not have to worry as much as say the purse or shoes from said designer. But I’d say the more modern way to go is the liquid lipstick or a pigmented lip balm. For people like me who lick their lips too much, it’s just important to know what works for you.

2-5. Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer, Concealer, Eye cream – I don’t know of any woman or girl for that matter who didn’t have issues when puberty hit. In my case, I had and still have extremely oily and crazy sensitive skin. During puberty, I think there was a bidding war between countries to see who’d place ‘dibbs’ on my face. Now, I have the acne scars and the pores remaining from those tough times and still have oily skin. But I do know how to combat them. Part of it is a great cleanser but I think more of it is finding out how your skin reacts to certain cleansers and the chemicals in these kinds of products. Long story short –LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS!! It doesn’t matter the reviews on a product, if there is oil or certain acids, I put it down and back away. And if times are tough, look into some at home remedies, like warm tea bags (I prefer chamomile or green) over the eyes to help with puffiness or my newer love with le Eye Panda. Pinterest is amazing that way.  

6. Hair Dryer- Now this can go either way depending on how many of you rely on blow drying your hair. I can’t complain when I say that getting the right amount of volume is nice and I agree with Dana when saying a few extra bucks for quality is worth it, but I also know that my $20 Conair hair dryer has lasted about 7 years going over my hair that has ranged in length from above shoulder length, to the middle of my back. So if I am to take or leave this one, I’d probably leave it.

7. Sunscreen – this is not new because Dana is absolutely right when she quote Kerry Washington who said that there’s no excuse to not wear sunscreen daily, even in winter. If your foundation, BB cream, CC cream, etc doesn’t show SPF, then it has no business on your face.

8. Fragrance – Now the post says that they don’t believe that you “need” a signature scent but I beg to differ. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Now do you need to douse yourself every day? No and please don’t, because you’ll stop smelling it on yourself and everyone will smell too much. Mix it up every now and then but having that staple can and will make you memorable in a good way if you do it right. That’s why even now into my mid twenties, I have a mix of great perfume and body spray.

9. Top coat nail polish – ok I wasn’t even allowed to wear nail polish until maybe 9th grade, the Quinceaῆera milestone, aka Sweet 15, in the Hispanic community is very much strong in my family. But even then I knew if you didn’t have a base and topcoat, then forget about keeping that mani. So I’d leave that off of the ‘woman list’ since that should be learned at a younger age.

10. Mascara- I left this one for last because the sad little single sentence does NOT do this product justice. I love mascara. If I could only wear one thing, it’s mascara. “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Your lashes can be accentuated, appear longer, fuller, and act as an accent without taking the importance away from the eyes. No offense to the false lashes, even I’ll wear them occasionally, but when you find your soul mascara, then you are on top of the world in my opinion. I've got my go-to's and some new loves here if you wanna look that way.

Here's the article btw

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