Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Ok to Getaway

Bad skyline of El Paso, Tx
Life gets ya down sometimes. I don’t have to tell you that because Lord knows it can be draining. And sometimes when you suck it up and endure it day after day until weeks become months, you feel like you don’t have much less to give. That’s where I’d been and it had really taken its toll. I was sick with different things at the same time before I had enough and said that I needed a break from life and some home remedies, read about that here. And it came at a perfect time because my bff had an escape route of sorts.

On the road back home
He had a cousin who was getting married and it was going to be good times. And for some unknown reason I hadn’t met this part of the family before but with him being a professional photographer, there was some requests made for a few photos. I’ve also been wanting to improve my photography in general, and especially for the blog, so we had a whole 4 days set to have fun with his family, unofficially shoot a wedding in parts and the area to get me reacquainted with my Nikon and run around the city of El Paso, TX. This needed me to get a couple days off work and normally I’m a bit leery when it comes to taking days because my official vacation isn’t until October, and you’ll see that later later, but I needed a break from life and so did le bff.

Yup I fed that one and I was more stoked that the kids
A total of four days without phones ringing and professionalism and I only needed time off for two. It was great! We literally drove around the city because I know that I also have some family down in the area but they are a bit more distant and I haven’t seen them in roughly ten years so I couldn’t even tell you their names. But I got to see a lot of the parts that most people don’t think of when you think of Old El Paso and it was gorgeous. The dynamics in the city are great. We ate at restaurants and bistros we’d never heard of as well as some amazing home cooking from his aunt. And went to the zoo where I got to feed the giraffes and it was AMAZING! Sadly I still need some work on the dslr settings to get some decent photos so you have to suffer with the not greatest in-the-moment cell pictures. Sorry, but yea.
Beautiful Mocha from Dlox 

So I’ve decided that mini vacations are a definite need in my life. You can only go and go and go for so long before you really get burned out. So I wanna say to the workaholics and to myself that it’s ok to need a day or two off for your physical and mental sanity. I applaud the people who have their routines set for everything. I wish and want to be that structured in my life but right now, there are days where I’m hanging by a thread. Now I’m thinking about doing some planning and see how I can fit in maybe a stay-cation. 

Fairy Garden at a nursery we went to just because

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