Friday, June 24, 2016

Gettin Fancy With Lancome - Juicy Shaker

Ok so I don't see myself as a professional when it comes to super high end makeup and products of the like. I know that there is often a difference in quality and a bigger one in price. And of course it's the price that makes me think twice. Thinking thrice, this is also not sponsored.

I've always kinda viewed brands like LancômeEstée Lauder, etc as the old school brands. Not because they are only for older women but because I remember seeing their signs forever and a day where I didn't hear about MAC or Chanel or Marc Jacobs until I was in college watching YouTube videos.

Now fast forward to now, when I started hearing early reviews for the Lancôme Juice Shaker, I was hooked even before they came out. Then I waited and watched and finally found them! Maybe you've seen them on my Instagram, hint hint. They are an adorable mix of lip oil and pigment to nourish the lips and give some color all while looking like a cocktail shaker. Inside the shaker, are a couple weights that do the mixing while you shake it. Then the lid unscrews to show the cone shaped applicator with the actual product that was shaken onto it.

Now let me give you a little backstory on me and lip products. I don't have small lips. They are actually pretty full and while I've lived with them civilly, I've always been a bit self-conscious because if I wore anything other than a nude color or Chapstick, then that was all people would see. Some women are offended by people looking at their chest all the time whereas I would worry that there was lipstick all over my teeth, which, of course, happens often.

I've had my moments but these babies right here, the clouds opened up and down they floated from Heaven because they are perfect. Granted the matte lip has been the thing for a while now but the season is changing and its time for Spring and Summer to shine. They feel and look a bit glossy but with no at all. Seriously!!! I have 3 of these and they glide on without feeling like a glue trap. They have some really nice color but is a little more on the sheerer side which is great because I can layer it with a matte lip to soften it a tad or another lippie or just wear it by itself and I'm not worried about smearing, feathering, or messing with my teeth.

Personal favorite of the 3, so far, is the Mangoes Wild. There's even a subtle mango scent but its not enough for me to hate or feel overpowered, especially since I'm not a huge mango fruit fan.
I also have Cherry Symphony and Mint To Be, which I've also used quite often. There are more days that I don't wear a lip product other than a lip balm so the blue mint is a nice touch with its subtle shimmer.

Normally $21 for a lip product would make me wanna jump back and say do you remember what happened to your 1st MAC lipstick? (Lost it within a month of buying it on a trip to New York City, flying back to New Mexico and handling life and poof it was gone.) But I've made some major negotiations with myself to know where they are at all times and so far so good. I've been using all 3 for well over a month, or three-ish, and I may talk myself into buying more, who knows? Like I'm grown and a good lip is a grown woman staple like mentioned in this post

Having a good lip is important and the nutrients and wonderfulness in the oil has helped my lips so much. They're normally on the drier side as I'm also that person that licks off her lip products, bites her lips, other nervous/life ticks so my lips are very much appreciating the love and are peeling a hellllllllll of a lot less. I feel great in it and for as long as I've used it, I will make this a go-to product. Total win in my book so I thank Ulta for the online shopping options to allow me to get this PDQ, aka Pretty Damn Quick, and have it included in my monthly faves for May.

Have you tried them? Do you love them?

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