Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tales of the Tank - The 50 Cal aka le Clutch

So if you've been following my Tales of the Tank, you'd know that I am a lady with a love of big purses. Partly out of necessity, for me anyway, and partly because they pretty. I don't normally do small bags as they don't hold nearly enough of the things that I need on a daily basis. But with May introducing the warmer weather and huge events, like my BFF's college graduation and a few concerts of the classical variety, le tank isn't always the best thing to show up with. Safe to say that the tank may be a bit much and so a different weapon must be used in close combat, the clutch purse.

According to my little brother, the military warfare type guy, I had to get the appropriate title for this post and for the clutch. He suggested the 50 Cal. Technically it's a gun that helps the tank in the close combat because who wants to waste a huge tank round on something that could be better taken care of by something smaller and quicker. It can still pack a punch when it needs to without endangering the tank or the crew inside.

Now that you've learned you something new, we can leave the metaphor and come back to the clutch itself. It was not easy for me to use, at first. They are small, don't hold much, small, easy to lose, and did I mention small? Sometimes there's a handle or a wristlet or it's just nekkid (yes nekkid and not naked). But it has it perks when I'm somewhere that doesn't really require my entire arsenal. So narrowing down the necessities from what I use on a daily basis to a specific event is also not easy but I've finally found the basics for any event that requires something smaller with a punch.

1. compact mirror - because there may not be a bathroom
2. lippie - chapstick, lipstick, liquid lip, just make sure it matches what you have on..
3. external battery - I will never not have one, read on here
4. mascara - whether it's full size or trial size is up to you
5. smaller coin purse with cash and/or card plus ID - because duh!
6. Wisps, mints, gum (pick your poison) - ain't nobody got time for pepper in your teeth

Now if your boyfriend is like mine, then occasionally you hold the tickets too. But despite the lack of space, it can really help pull a look together. The clutch goes from luggage to a statement accessory with the ability to pack a punch. Needless to say, I've had a few over time to go with just about every level of fancy. And the best part is that they don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

It's all about the care. My first clutch was from Rue 21 for $10 and I still use and the shape has held for many a year. My fanciest is a great gift from my wonderful friend this last Christmas. She thought of me because 1, It's all sequins and 2, I almost bought it myself. Fun fact, it was the only clutch of that kind at maurices in town so who feels super special? This chick! *points at myself*

What do you put in your clutch for special occasions?

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