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7 Things to Consider if You Want to Live Alone

Living alone is no joke but I won't lie when I say that I love it. In my sorry but not sorry opinion, I think it's a really great stepping stone on the trail to adulthood but even more so as a woman. The truth of the matter is that while any person is at risk when living alone, it's safe to say that women tend to tip that scale in the risk factor. And if you ask any dad, the risk is the distance from death valley to the moon.

I've done the dorm thing, the roommate thing, the siblings as roommates and I've spent a lot of time with me, myself, and I. Some things are still a trial and error because while there are great perks to living alone, read those here, there are also a few things that you do need to think about if you are planning on going out on your own limb.

1. BUDGET - no joke. Roomates are great because you aren't paying for rent AND utilities AND internet AND food by yourself. So really think about what's important when it comes to satellite or cable or just living off some decent internet. How much of a 'home' can you afford when you consider the deposit AND first month's rent and the full amount of your bills every month?

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2. Insurance - Some places require renter's insurance and some don't. Think about it though, if you are working full time, no one is home and it becomes a bit easy to figure out your routine. Now look at what you own. Can you and are you ready, willing, and able to replace your belongings if there is a break in or a leak from where the pipes burst on your trip home for Thanksgiving or even worse a fire? The homeowner will have insurance on the place because they own it and they have to protect it. Protect your own too. Depending on where you live, the belongings in your car could be covered too. In the state of New Mexico, your car is an extension of your home, so if your car gets broken into, your stuff in there could be covered too.

3. Pets - A big plus to diminishing the silence and the impending moments of loneliness is to get a pet. Whether its a loyal dog or an evil cat, everyone has that idea. But if you aren't allowed pets at your place, aim for fish. Even dorm rooms will be ok with a fish or three. I can attest that I spent my sophomore year of college in my dorm room by myself. I had just changed majors and my roommate moved out. I never got a new one and the silence was killer sometimes. So I bought a beta fish, Jethro. He was the absolute best fish I've ever had in my entire life. Never judged and always ready to listen. Now that I'm in my own place, I've inherited a turtle from my ever-so-loving sister (not by choice). He's more maintenance than I ever wanted, but he's still there when I get home to yell at him and as long as the water is flowing, I'm ok.

4. Protection/Security - I am a happily taken girl but I still live alone and have for a really long time. My previous roommates have been guys but I've had my fair share of incidents and potential incidents. From coming home at night after work and having a couple guys knock on my car window right before I get out to wondering if I should be calling child services on my neighbors. I'm not saying you should get your concealed carry license, though I know plenty of women that do. But it couldn't hurt to have a stun gun or a baton or even just some pepper spray. Be smart ladies because it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, especially if dogs are a no go. To help with that, I've found a company that seeks to help women out in times of distress. I've got my own wishlist because there is a lot of good stuff. It's not sponsored by far but still good info with Damsel in Defense

This is from their website, isn't it pretty?

5. Crockpot - it seems random yes but you are cooking for one. Take it from me when I tell you that it's easy to just go out and buy for yourself. Eating out is easy and a favorite meal of mine is one that I don't have to make or clean up after. But a good little crockpot can provide lunch and dinner for a few days if not a week. Gotta save the moneys where you can.

6. Entertainment - I don't care what kind of hobby you have, but you're going to need it. Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely. But if you read some of my perks here, I don't do well with complete silence since I come from a loud, musical and Hispanic family, I've had everything from movies to music blasting in the background to keep me going or else I may lose my mind. Books are great as are video games, movies, Pinterest, etc. Most people are not used to spending over half their time by themselves. It's not easy but when you are comfortable in your own company, you'll know that you'll be ok and that is the biggest hurdle you'll face.

7. Health - The thing about getting sick is that you are alone. Mom won't make your doctor's appointments and you will more than likely have to get time off work if you aren't a complete incubus of viral plague. If anything, you should at least have a first aid kit. My sister was wonderful enough to make me a little one and I've added to it. Keep a good pile of EmergenC to prevent the seasonal bugs that fly through and you know your own body when it comes to allergies, sinuses, and things of the like. Best thing to have is a thermometer, regular or digital, just know how to read it. It hits fever range and you call in because things are going down and it's time to hit the remedies like I have here. If you have to be sick and miserable, at least make it bearable.

These are just a few of the things that always come to mind when someone asks how I like living alone or how I handle it. This list has just started but it will more than likely grow because we learn as we go.

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