Sunday, March 26, 2017

Coffee or Tea

I'm not having issues but I'm having issues. With me progressively on the previously mentioned mend, there's a lot of adjustments to be made and more so with my stomach. Living out west, I've grown up and enjoy chile and just spicy food in general. Those are easy to say that I need to calm down on the hot sauce and salsa, but when I was having my morning coffee after coming home from the hospital, it was tragic. My stomach was not liking it for some reason but it yelled and hurt until I was in the bathroom.

Now I'm not a complete coffee snob. I have a Keurig and a french press, but I've been at home where it's a standard coffee pot with Dunkin Donuts coffee or Folgers or 8 O'clock Coffee from the local Dollar General and all is still well with the world. And no, I don't drink it black because I enjoy flavored creamer and DUH. I love the smell and enjoy the taste in the mornings.

It's been a staple in my life for a while I believe, mainly, because of my grandparents. My grandpa started me on coffee at a young age with cookies. He's used the same cups for coffee for as long as I can remember and starts a pot anytime we walk through the door. Not too strong and not too light with a few cubes of sugar with creamer and we are set for a good couple hours of chatting.

Because Google knows how we roll
Tea is a whole different story because there are two categories, hot tea and iced tea. Iced tea is not iced tea with out a proper southern amount of sugar.I didn't get into drinking hot tea casually until college with the help of a few of my friends. We dubbed ourselves las seƱoras. (hey!) And we'd have tea at someone's house, the theatre, Chinese restaurant, etc. But of course after college, people grow and move and I'm glad we still keep in touch. (We needs the chisme every now and then and don't get us started on the Selena movie and award season.)

I love Chamomile or like I've mentioned in my remedies post, Manzanilla. It's a great relaxer for  me so I can't really drink it in the morning to wake up and get the warm fuzzies. I've tried a couple teas, Earl Grey was a bit much at least by itself and I found Breakfast Tea was not my cup of tea.

I know people put honey or cream or milk but I don't know what goes where. Where does the line draw? For strong coffee, I know to use the powdered creamer instead of liquid. Don't use a flavored creamer when you have already flavored coffee.


There's so many varieties and they have different things and some don't have caffeine, and yes I need caffeine. There's a thing called loose leaf tea. Is it better than tea that's bagged? How much do you use? How long does it need to steep? What are the requirements to add honey, milk, or creamer? Is that even a thing?

With all of this said, the hunt is on for my cup of tea because it's terrifying to think that the coffee deprivation may be permanent, but my mornings are empty and void of the wonderful, slightly bitter, taste of one of the miracles of life that made my morning routine. Trust me, I need a routine. So any tips or teas to try or tea recipes are greatly appreciated in the mean time. :]

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