Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tales of the Tank - My Backpack

Ok so these backpack purses I've been seeing had really made me want one. If you've read the other Tales in this series, you'd know that I basically carry a tank for a purse. Looking at all these teeny tiny backpacks while adorable as all get out, just can't work for me. Instead, I've found this one and it's a life saver. With that's been going on with my health, having a regular purse constantly falling on one hand while using my walker or cane was just not working.

I wanted one that wasn't a huge academic tank but I needed some space for the things I have to carry, like stuff for dr's appointments, so the cute teeny bags are a no go. After Christmas, against some better judgement, I clicked into the depths of Amazon and found this simple little gem.

I'd post pictures of my bag in real life but lighting say noooooope

No regrets at all.

I had to check the measurements to make sure it wasn't too small because I've been using a regular spiral to keep my notes and appointments together as well as my planner so as long as it doesn't fold, we Gucci. It's not very wide which is ok because it forces me to not carry too much. Yes, it'll be on my back but I still have to haul it on my shoulders, which on some mornings is a big friggin' deal.

I didn't want black just because I'm trying really, really, REALLY hard to push out some negative thoughts, and this charcoal gray is just gorgeous and the fabric is stiffer than typical canvas so it's been holding it's shape fairly well and the two front pockets as just big enough for some easy access.

What do I got in bag tho?

It's got an inside pocket for 14 inch laptop so I've been using that for my Dr. Spiral, my planner and a general notebook for little things. My doctor is a couple hundred miles away so I also have my Nintendo 3DS XL for some gaming if I'm not driving. Chargers are a must as well as my trusty external batteries. Thanks to Ulta for this little pill organizer for my afternoon meds and last but not least my wallet.

This is nothing compared to what I would normally carry. Like seriously. But desperate times call for desperate measures but it can still be cute, practical, and save what ever strength I have.

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