Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Forward March - Monthly Favorites

March has been a great month for me. I'm making progress on my health, finally, after what feels like forever. I'm working on getting back into a routine so that I can prep for my return to work. To be perfectly honest, these past months have been more about what my body is doing rather than my makeup or beauty. I swear, I did some work on my eyebrows and felt like I cut down a national forest. Here's some of my lifesavers this month.

1. Planner - Now I had every intention on making a bullet journal. I had a layout planned out and colored pens HOWEVER comma, one of my side effects is shaking like a chihuahua, so the lines came out terrible and I couldn't stand it so I bought a different one. I figured with it only being March, I can get away with a couple blank months. This one is one I've had before and it's the best because it's pretty, has plenty of space to write on and tabs! Easy organization never hurt anyone.

2. Lip Balm - with Spring coming in and some bouts of dry mouth, my lips have taken some damage and because my siblings are awesome, I have a nifty little 3 pack of medcated Blistex. One to keep on me, one for my bag, and an extra for whichever I lose first because let's be honest. One or more of them will disappear at some point....not proud of it, but it's the truth.

3. Clinique Moisturizer - So with everything happening I needed to start working on skincare and I feel that I'm going to for some time. The meds I'm on are strong and I've seen the toll it's taken on my skin and whatnot. I bought a mini size version of this moisturizer from Ulta on a whim because my mom said to. She's trusted Clinique for years and for good reason. Using even just a little bit of this has worked wonders on my face which has started to feel like sandpaper. So hearing that the 21 Days of Beauty is on right now is great because the entire kit that this moisturizer comes in has an intro set that will be on sale. So my calendar and alarm are set so I can get on this sale and not feel guilty about it.

4. Water bottle - with all the medications I'm on, I am drinking a lot more water than I had even before I got sick. I've had a lot of dry mouth from the illness, the allergies making me sleeping with my mouth open. So I found a water bottle, on clearance, that has a nifty filter so I can fill it with water from the tap rather than buying bottled. It's also a whole liter so there's my drinking goal.

5. Good RX - I had seen the commercials but never really gave it much thought until my mom gave it a shot while in line at the pharmacy. Literally no sign up, no info other than a zip code for the pharmacy list and up popped a coupon for my most expensive medication. On top of that, they also have a free app so what ever happens to me now, you know I'm gonna be lookin for discounts.

Looking at now, it seems that this seems simple and it is. Simple becomes staple and we gotta start somewhere. I feel like I have as clean a slate as I'm going to get.

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