Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Didn't Have April Showers, We Had Snow - Monthly Favorites

Spring is in full swing and working on returning to normal-ish routine has me having a few favorites this month. It's been a trip reintroducing myself to the work world all for me to go dufuq!? Because low and behold, out here in New Mexico, it's common for the weather to be weird but when it decides to rain and then snow practically All. Friggin. Day. I gotta say that mother nature might be more messed up than me, and that's saying something. But to the good things that happened this month, just yesss.

Scandal – Cable is no more right now so Netflix and I have rekindled a beautiful relationship and with the help of my epic sister, I discovered Scandal. I’d heard about it, heard it was amazing and saw them winning a lot of awards and now I see why. Totally hooked and have been watching all month. Right now I’m at the end of season 4 and with season 5 on, ohhhh it’s gonna be good. I love Olivia and the team. Honestly Fitz gets on my nerves and I have a love/hate relationship with Cyrus. And even though, I hate Eli with a burning passion, Joe Morton does such a wonderful job with his character I love watching him.

Zia Earrings – My test trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico for my birthday was indeed a test of my health and recovery and I’d like to think that I passed. I’d say a solid C+. My boyfriend bought me a couple pairs of the Zia Earrings and then found where the artists work was being sold in the capital city. So of course I had to track it down and get more. I gotta couple, my sister gotta couple and bought me another set for my birthday. One thing I’ve learned about myself over this time is that there is a lot of rich culture in New Mexico and we have a lot of pride for our state is strong and true. We also like to represent. The artist, Cultura Corazon, who makes these, is awesome and has an awesome Etsy store. So check her out here.

They are real wood zia symbols.
These are mirrored acrylic zia symbols
Find her on Instagram too - She has a ton of cute stuff

Benefit Rollerlash – Going back to work means going and getting rid of expired makeup and just wearing makeup in general. So having fresh mascara was just like the first sip of a cherry coke hitting your soul. Just amazing. This mascara blew my mind when I started using it, you can read about that here because talking about it now would not show the same excitement and love I have for this product.

Clinique Intro Kit – Like I said in my last month’s favorites, I did indeed get this kit. And honestly I was super surprised at this intro size. It’s a 3 step process and using it this month, I can see and feel a difference in my skin. It doesn’t look or feel like sandpaper. Now I do still need a good scrub for the dead skin that’s still trying to stick around but keeping this combo-oily, acne prone skin looking decent has just gotten easier and it makes me feel good too. 

These were the awesome things that got me through this month and this crazy journey back into life.
What are yours?

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