Thursday, May 11, 2017

Travel Reality - the Straight Up UGLY

One of the highlights of my 2016 year was being able to visit my sista over on the east coast. We'd been planning it for over a year, so despite the beginning of my illnesses, I was bound and determined to go even if it killed me.

So what had happened was...

The airline we took was one my sister, my bff who also came, and myself had never heard of. Spirit. Now I know that some of you are thinking, wellll there ya go. We had no idea and I've been on a plane maybe 4 times in my life. But my bff and I had things planned. We'd pay for checked luggage and have our personal items. We were planning on taking post wedding pictures in Philly, so I had my Maid of Honor dress and my good makeup and hair necessities all for it to never show up when we landed.

You always hear about things happening to luggage or see how airlines in general handle luggage behind the scenes, but when your airline gives your luggage to a different airline at an international airport and they can't find it, you may start to panic. The customer service rep in the claims department even said there was a possibility that it could have gone out of the country.

We arrived Sunday, called everyday, bought everything we needed with kept receipts which was about 1500 between my bff and I because everyone knows plus size, big and tall anything is not cheap. They finally found my luggage in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday of our stay. Flew it out to the airport but had to Fedex to my sister's house. But!! It rained and the FedEx sticker came apart from the wet luggage and was found in New Jersey. We finally have it returned on Friday and we were leaving again on Sunday.

Now with needing to purchase a week's worth of life from underwear to hair and makeup for the wedding pictures, my bff and I were ready for a fight if we had to pay for another 2 carry-ons on top of what we already paid the first go around. Thankfully it wasn't necessary but the bruises from carrying that bag through security and having that bag checked literally 6 times at security was brutal. AND guess who missed her flight home on the last flight of the day to Dallas? Mind you, it was 4 in the morning on top of it.

Time passes and we have been working on our claim for reimbursement. If I can tell you anything about any sort of claims, it's these main points:

1. Keep your receipts and make copies of said receipts. My bff handled this like a pro because both of us had copies of the receipts for EVERYTHING, even the paperwork and email correspondence.

2. Read the instructions carefully. Everything has a timeline and in our case, it also needed to be notarized.

3. If you need to mail it out, spend a few bucks to get it registered or certified mail. Someone on the receiving end has to sign for it and that was our saving grace because le bff sent it certified and had proof that Spirit claims received when they tried to deny our claim saying they didn't get it in time.

Needless to say, though my luggage is trashed from how it was handled and then being left out in the rain, I've learned a very valuable lesson. Pack smarter and learn to pack tighter to fit things in my carry on.

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