Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I've Got That Summertime June Favorites

Well interweb peeps, June is over. Half of the year is already gone and I’ve got some serious whiplash. My bff and I were talking about what we’ve done in the last six months. I won’t get you with the details of the entire past, we are here to see favorites. And for June, there’s a few. Literally because these had been rocking my month. They may be few, but they be awesome.

Kind is the New Pretty – Tarte – If you read my last month’s favorites, which you should here, then you’ll know that I bought this little set on sale during the Ulta megasale of awesomeness. Of course, with my lowered immune system, I was getting sick and wasn’t one for wearing makeup. But now that I’m semi-sane, I’m so glad I bought this mini pallet. It’s easy to get to and has everything great shades that I can literally wear everyday. I’ve made a few trips back home and have had to make super early trips to the doctor so this little pallet plus a couple brushes and some mascara and I’m set.

I had to get rid of a lot of makeup after my stent of being an incubus of plague so between lack of money and the amount of makeup I tend to wear on a normal basis, I've really wanted more of an all-in-one situation and this little pallet has it.

I will admit that I didn't expect it to be this small. It fits in the palm of my hand. The bronzer works really well for my skin tone as it's not too warm. The blush is a bit more on the orange side but I strangely like it. It's buildable for me because I can imagine overdoing it, especially at home where my lighting is terrible thanks to wood panelling, so it's always a bit darker in my house than I like. Now the highlight....It is pretty fabulous. Granted when I put too much so that I look like a unicorn licked my face, it can be a bit much because it's white. The picture doesn't do the sparkle justice and in the words of YouTuber Nicole Guerriero, "Sir, can you see this highlight?" It definitely packs a punch but somedays I wanna be chill and not punch people with my highlight. 

Sally Hansen Instadry Nail Color – Petal Pusher – I hadn’t painted my nails in a hot minute. I haven’t had my nails done in an even hotter minute. Despite everything going on with me, my nails to tend to grow pretty fast so acrylics and gel can get pretty expensive. So instead of a super bold color I grabbed this for a little color and I am loving it. It’s subtle enough to not clash with everything and it doesn’t take forever and a day to dry.

I'm not kidding when I say it's a literal quick drying nail polish. If I have a solid seven minutes, the brush is wide enough to cover most of my nails in one swipe and opaque enough to not be entirely streaky. I can still do two coats, have them dry and pop a quick top coat and dry in roughly that time. So don't be too heavy on the hand and it'll all be well with the world.

Zuchini boats – Pinterest recipe – one of my best girlfriends and I have been working on newer and healthier recipes and once a week we make them and have a chance to catch up on life. Since we both were raised in a way that didn’t always include a lot of veggies like zucchini and squash, I’ve strayed away from them mainly out of ignorance. NOT the case anymore. This recipe she found on Pinterest from thewholesomedish.com called for ground chicken but we used ground turkey and lemme tell you, I’ve made it again and it’s pretty fricken awesome and surprisingly filling. So go check out my Food board onPinterest and test it out yourself.

So yes June be few but I can honestly say these have been consistently happening all month which is not always the case for lots of people, I've noticed. But even though the month is halfway gone, here's what I've been up to, what have you been up too or been loving lately?

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  1. Girl that zucchini boats made my hungry! Great post

  2. The zucchini boats, look AAHHmazing! It's also good to know about the Nail polish! I hate having to wait forever for my nails to dry!

    1. Oh I know right?! I've recently gotten a shade in a mauve color and its the same way and really affordable