Friday, February 9, 2018

Luscious Hair is Back!

Hello all. Allow me to introduce you to my soap box. It's no podium nor pedastal but it allows me to take that step up and project all the feels on a proper stage. It's not all bad or ranty I promise but sometimes there's a point that needs to be made and here's mine for today...


Yes. Simply thank you to the internet. It's been almost a year since I was diagnosed with Lupus. My medications are doing their things but what I wanted to thank the internet for helping me regrow my hair. One of the biggest symptoms I had was hair loss. I trimmed my hair to help with the thinning and essentially just had to be patient. Thus came the internet and research. Between straight up Googling, Youtube vloggers and the Blogosphere, I was able to find the help to get my hair back.


 I'd gone to a couple hair salons in the last year. When I trimmed my hair before I was diagnosed, I told the girl I had started going to that I wasn't sure what was happening. She tried to say that she didn't really see the difference and that was that. After I came back from the edge I really noticed how much hair I lost and tried to get some kind of shaping done so that way I didn't really look like a sick person who lost a lot of hair, especially at work. I had one really overpriced trim and recently a better trim by two different hair stylists.... ladie....., people who cut and handle hair for a living and I asked them about what they would recommend for volume, hair growth, hair health, etc and literally had a deer in the headlights expression from both.
First came back to work with the least amount of hair (before)

Almost 8 months later (after) Still a ways to go but it's a bit fuller now

And honestly, it's disheartening because I'm not going to this professional to get my hair done for prom or to drop some dollars for highlights or extensions, I am actually wanting help with my hair. With both trips I explained, I got really sick and lost a lot of hair, how can I help it and how can I maintain the hair I have? I guess I expected to find a great person who was like Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop where she's suggesting vitamins, products, advise....yes I know it's a movie. But I would think that when you work in the industry, you'd have an idea or even a direction to go in.

Gotta love that wood pannel right?

The only person who actually physically, in person, gave me some help was actually my mom's coworker. Love her and her concern. She found the dermachange shampoo and conditioner that I've been using and so far it's been great and I've noticed a difference. It's gentle and cleansing and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth instead of straw.

So thank you internet, and thank you people on the internet who led me to castor oil, biotin, and other products that have helped me regrow my hair and now I feel that my hair is full again. It's still short but an even short. A full short and now I can really say that I feel a bit more like me.

On the other hand, if you have any other suggestions for hair health...
let a girl know on the hurry up side please!!!!

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  1. Well I think your hair looks amazing in this images! I have really thick hair so I cannot imagine what losing your hair must be like but I think your hair looks gorgeous and fun!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sorry for the super super late reply. But thanks I do try. :)