Monday, April 27, 2020

5 Zoom Interview Tips

Greeting to everyone in the self induced hostage situation aka lock down aka quarantine. Days have no rhyme or reason... I even thought today was Saturday so there's that. People are either working or looking for work and everyone has either lost their minds or are in the process of losing it. People are also learning new things like Zoom which is similar to Skype, FB video call, Snapchat video call, Google Duo, and other services of the like but lets be honest...Zoom is killing the game at the moment. Hopefully they're continuing to fix their bugs and back doors security issues but that's a different story told by my cyber security friends. Just do yourself a favor and make strong passwords that don't match any other passwords....also two step's worth it.

Anyways along with zoom chats and zoom doctor appointments, comes zoom job interviews. It's been brought to my attention that it's just as weird and awkward as in person interviews, but with a few tweaks, you'll be more comfortable and nail that interview on your own turf rather than theirs.

So the biggest thing that needs to be decided is whether you're taking that interview on your phone or your computer. Now if you're like me and haven't really used your laptop since college, chances are that your phone is newer than your laptop. Sometimes when you go to use your laptop, it has to do hours of updates because it hasn't been turned on in more than a month...and still take five minutes just to get to the desktop that feels like a million years. For that reason, I prefer to use my phone and the Zoom app, so on that note:

1. Mind your background - with you being on your own turf interviewing for a new job, your environment is important. It sounds like common sense to not have your dirty laundry in view but there's also people ingesting disinfectant so I'm going to say it anyway. Pick a spot in front of your wall. Avoid windows especially if the light it coming in through the curtains.

2. Snag a tripod from somewhere - With it being a job interview, you want to make a good impression and that doesn't include a visible selfie stick or a selfie stance or the constant moving or repositioning. Use a coffee table, tv table, stack of books to prop it up at eye level. Or use one of your essential trips to an open store for a small tripod. I have one from amazon and it came in handy for much more than outfit shots.

Mine is unavailable but this is similar

3. Mind your angles - Selfie connoisseurs know their proper photo angles but that's not what I mean. If you want to get away with a nice top and sweats or pj bottoms, you have to angle them correctly. If you are like me and have a significantly size bust, you probably don't want the camera angled down too much to show 11 miles of cleavage. So before your interview, figure out your set up and angle to feel your best up top and down below the camera.

4. Notebook and pen - The nice part of doing online interviews is that you have more resources at your disposal. Sometimes the interviewer will send you questions beforehand or I'm sure you can research typical interview questions as YouTube is your friend. Write down your answers and have them within your eye sight or other notes or questions to ask during the interview. The interviewer will appreciate the effort and initiative.

5. Water - What I've noticed with online conversations is that regardless if it's work or play, when we are talking, we talk a frigging lot. So have a little water near you in case you need it because you'll want your voice to be clear and not end of coughing because you're super dry from answering questions back to back.

Now I want to make note that if you choose your phone rather than a computer for zoom. Please keep in mind that if you get a phone call during this, your mic and sound will get cut off. I found that out the hard way but it's not the end of the world. Just tap ignore on the call and move on.

So while we adjust to the new normal for the time being, we might as well adapt and manage. For those on the job hunt, I hope this helps because I have a feeling that even after this is all over, some of these new aspects of the job market are going to stick. More is going to be digital rather than in person. Call it a  hunch but that's what I think...Stay healthy and get the job.

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Tales of the Tank - Quarantine Essentials

Since the Corona Virus aka Covid-19 has taken over the world about as fast as Love is Blind, the self induced hostage situation has started and half the population has freaked out and the other half, at least in my area, is still like meh which has led to grr. I will even admit that I started out that way too despite being a text book high risk person. I fell for the 'it's basically the flu' hype and once I pulled my head out and started keeping up with the CDC rather than such and such station, I've made my adjustments and continued on the self induced hostage situation for weeks...because days mean nothing anymore.

So anyways, if you're confused about the title, Tales of the Tank. Let me quickly explain, I love my bags and need them sturdy and a bit Marry Poppins-ish so that I'm relatively prepared for whatever the day throws at me. Peeps with quite a commute know what I'm talking about. So now that  you know, I have a few more posts like these and I'll pop them down below.

But any-whoville, I've juggled a few sizes and style and lately for at least the past year or two, I've been a die-hard backpack purse user. On top of that, since we haven't been hit with a full country lockdown, there are some times where I've needed to go out as safely as possible. So here's a few things that should be in your bag if you have to leave home for essential reasons:

1. Wallet- I don't usually carry cash because regardless of global viruses, IT'S DIRTY AF. If you have a debit or credit card, use it. More cards are becoming contactless rather than using the chip that sooo many love (insert sarcasm). Look for this symbol on your card and it should work if the place uses them. OR if you're super fancy or live in a bigger city than me, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, just use something other than cash please.

2. External battery/ Charging cord - I will never stop carrying at least one of these around. No asking for a cord or looking for an outlet and risking sitting less that 6 feet from some random person.

3. Hand Sanitizer - As an avid and loyal customer to Bath and Body Works, this is the hand sanitizer I have and use because one, I have it and two, it's all gone as far as Purell is concerned. Now, according to the CDC, hand sanitizer is still good if it has 60% ethanol alcohol or 70% isopropanol alcohol so that physicians perform surgery. BBW hand sanitizer has 68% it's not enough for surgery but maybe enough to pick up some laundry detergent and a swiffer wet mop. Now if you are out or everywhere is, there is a DIY on the Pinterest for 70+% alcohol and aloe vera gel mixture. Use at your discretion. [[If you can also get your hands on clorox or lysol wipes, it becomes very handy to have in your car.]]

4. Medication Pouch - I have this on me anyway. Remember I mentioned that whole high risk thing? Yeah, totally feel like a class A idiot but I've made a call to make sure that my meds are in and on hand. Also thank you Tylenol and Tylenol Sinus because these allergies and sinuses have also been hella bad.

5. Notebook/Pen - Yes I use my phone for notes, but I remember more when I write it down. Like if it's not written, it doesn't exist. So for the times that I've needed to go out, I'll write down where I need to go and what I need to get done. Plan it out, execute, and back to the hidey hole. Also don't need to ask for a pen to sign for receipts. Boom.

6. Extra Mask - Regardless of how you feel about the current times or how much it does or does not affect you, there are millions of people who are at high risk. Some are elderly and some are immunocompromised and those people can be of any age. ANY. AGE. The thing is that we don't walk around with neon signs. So please just be a good person and wear a mask of sorts. Paper, fabric, bandanna, whatever. You aren't required to care but a good person cares for someone else like they do themselves. And now I'll descend off of the soapbox.

And there we go, so wherever you are, I implore you to not pull a me and dismiss the severity of what's going on and stay well. Hopefully you're able to work from home and social distance without hoarding. Check your sources for news or multiple sources and if nothing else, the CDC is easily accessible.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Setting the Tone for 2020

As I write this at the end of January, I find myself reflecting on this trial run of a month because where January usually lasts roughly three years, for me it flew and I'm trying to decide if that was a good thing or not. See I spent a good portion of the month running around helping out some family that had been in the hospital and then a rehab hospital afterwards. Thankfully everything turned out well and I had some time to do what I procrastinate to do which is clean out my email.

Way way way back in the day I wrote a post on cleaning up my email from coupons and offers in an effort to not go overboard on the spending, especially with store credit cards. I'm also pretty sure that was the last time I had a good clean up on it. But while going through and unsubscribing and things, I found out that I had Torrid cash to use. 

Now I usually have to order online but the city I was in, steadily getting a bit of cabin fever, there was a store I could go into. So while someone went off to therapy, I took it upon myself to get some therapy of my own. Low and behold there was also a massive sale on clearance which happened to include workwear. If you are of the curvy and/or plus size variety, you know that: 1. It's hell to find good office wear; 2., It's expensive as hell; And 3., it NEVER goes on sale. So I was on it!

I found a few great pieces for work and a BEAUTIFUL coat that was well over $130 but good old clearance sale had my back and I was able to get it for about $30. The blazers being on trend were a divine intervention because mine never quite fit right and the one good one I have needs to be dry cleaned where these are machine washable and look fantastic even when I'm not wearing a "good bra" and that says something. 

Even more so, the store associates were wonderful. I had questions on the regular sale, the clearance sale, the when-are-swimsuits-coming-in questions. I talked to a different person each time and they were not only helpful, they were super nice about it. That's not always the case for me at Torrid. I have a draft from a while back talking about how I don't get to shop in store that much but when I do, the experience is horrible and I stick to online. Around that time I'd been to 4 stores in three states when I was travelling and my memory is when I stopped an associate to ask a question, she looked at me as though I killed her dog. I dropped my stuff and left. 

So having this great experience made me want to hug these people and thank them for really just being nice especially when they weren't aware about being interrupted by hospital staff at all hours of the night and day. It renewed my faith in especially the plus size community because out here in rural communities, you have a small town, small mind mentality a lot of the time and I hope to encounter more of this wonderfulness this year as I make some decisions for the year, so stay tuned for that. 

Have you had an instance like this? Good or bad? Tell me because I want to know. 

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Medical Guide Part 2 - Making the Appointment

If you're new to me, Hi and welcome to the new roaring twenties. Not going to bombard you with new year new you shiz, the algorithm will do that for you. Instead I'm here with another entry into my medical guide to hopefully help someone out there to go to the d@mn doctor be it, medical, eye, teeth, etc. What I do when I go the doctor is in Part 1 but then it also occurred to me that not everyone is comfortable talking to people in phone or in person and by some, I mean a lot.

Social anxiety is a thing for tons of people to varying degrees and if you're like me living in a rural area where you're lucky if you can find your doctor's office online let alone book an appointment. Sometimes it's inevitable that you have to talk to a person and I understand that is uncomfortable, but it must be done so I hope this lays some details out for you in order to get it done in the least amount of time/ slash conversation possible.

1. Preparation is key. Why are you calling? What symptoms do you have or do you recognize a sinus infection that you get every season that you know you'll need antibiotics? This is why part one is up first. The more you know and have written (or typed) the better you can spout it off when you're on the spot.

2. When do you have time to go? Everyone is busy with life and work but strep throat doesn't care if you have a final or a business meeting. So find out how soon you need to make an appointment. If you're already home sick, you want to get in asap. If you're not home yet maybe you need to plan on your lunch break. I know with my general 9 to 5, it was easier to set it for the morning then go to work late and stay if necessary than try to get off at a certain time to not be late. But that depends on your schedule.

3. What insurance are you using and is this office in your network to hopefully get a smaller copay and overall a smaller bill. There's 2 ways for this to go. You can do the research, beforehand, in your prep to talk to your insurance and they will find an office in your network or for lack of better words, someone they prefer to work with. Or you can talk to the doctor's office you're wanting to go to and they will run the info from your insurance card to let you know the details so keep it on hand.

4.This brings us to the moment of truth and the best thing you can do is to be nice to the receptionist and everything will be smooth. They will ask you questions and chances are you'll have the answers because you wrote them down in step 1. If this is your very first appointment to this office or doctor, you can say something like this:

"Hi. My name is ____. I'm needing to set up an appointment as a new patient." or if you already go to that office just drop the "as a new patient" and add " with Dr. _______."

There will be questions they HAVE to ask you and 98% of the time are also handling people in person as well as stuff going on behind the scenes on their end, so be nice and they'll move you right along and get you in a good spot. I've rarely run into a rude receptionist or nurse but it may happen, just get the information you need and be done as quick as possible. And remember to say thank you no matter what.

QUICK NOTE: ALWAYS GET THEIR NAME. It's always good to get a name so if you talked with them and clicked, had chemistry, made a good connection, etc. It means that you have a point of contact to ask for in the future. On the other hand if, they aren't for you or you just don't like them, you know who to avoid. Write It Down! That's the same for the office staff and especially the nurses.

This helped me get into the swing of things when making appointments especially in the beginning of my spoonie journey. Take the new year into a new decade to be your best self and that includes your health so please cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, wash your hands, and go to the doctor.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Medical Guide Part 1

Appointments in general are a thing, but doctor’s appointments can easily be the toughest to get through. I’m no stranger to the doctor, even before being thrown headfirst into the spoonie life, there’s been talking my friends to go to the doctor in college because swine flu was thing and so was quarantine. Talking my friend and co-worker to go to the doctor because she’s planning to go on a trip and that includes a plane with all the limited and communal air and a baby who’s young enough to have an immune system like mine naturally.

I get it, no one likes the doctor, or the dentist, or the optometrist nor does anyone like paying for it. But the alternative could be worse and you’ll spend a hella lot more guaranteed… so I’m put together a few of my best tips when dealing with those of the medical variety for your adulting accomplishments and with strep season upon us and flu season on the way, please take care of yourselves. 

It’s easy to feel intimidated and sometimes powerless when you’re going to the doctor. It’s normal and it happens, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go through the motions. It’s important to take control of your health for whatever may come your way, spoonie or not. It’s easy to hear and say “be your own advocate”, but how do you do that? Well here’s what I do, so check it out and try what you like and if it works for you too, great and if not, well you have a starting point and can make it work for you. Afterwards, if you don’t mind, report back!

Part 1: Notes
Whether you use an app on your phone or a physical notebook to write on, do it because I can just about guarantee that you will not remember by the time you leave that office. Now I will say that doctors don’t generally like seeing phones out and may ask you to put them away. I prefer to write things down because you can develop your own shorthand without the threat of autocorrect.

Now let me break this down:

Date/Time/Doctor – standard information especially if you have multiple doctors or if you’re a caregiver to someone else. Do you have a hard time setting up the appointment? Well stay tuned because that's coming up soon because I know that for a lot of people, that's not easy.

Reason – is it a follow up? Do you have symptoms? Describe them. If it’s pain, does it throb or is it stabbing or just sharp? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst pain you’ve ever experienced, where are you currently or when it was at its worst? How many times have you felt it, whatever ‘it’ may be?

List of Medications – It’s important to know what you’re taking and how much you’re taking between Rx Prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and even vitamins or holistic practices. They all are chemical reactions happening in your gut and body, so it’s important for the doctor and the pharmacist to know so you don’t make yourself worse.

Vitals – every place does it so write them down, even the weight because unexplained weight gain or loss can be a symptom. Especially for us in the plus sized community, we know that a lot of attention gets directed at this number. So do yourself a favor and write it down because you know your habits and what has changed vs what hasn’t. Writing it down gives you evidence and backup to your case that there is a problem even if your clue is weight loss.

The rest is for your notes, what is the doctor’s plan? Is he giving you a prescription? What is it and what is the dosage? How long do you have to take it?

What is your diagnosis? If you don’t have one, what tests are being ordered and what is the procedure for that test or what is it supposed to show?

If you come up with questions after the appointment, write them down to either call the doctor back or to save for the next appointment.

So here’s part one. Take what you will and I hope it helps you get that annual physical or handle multiple visits for yourself or someone else. Stick around for the next tip because as much as we don’t want to do or would rather have mom do it, we need it.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Good Reads and the Like

Is there an age where you’re too old to read Young Adult books? There’s a good part of me that says you’re never too old for Disney so why should books be limited? I had to verify with my BFF this morning with that. He, an author going for his Masters and if he feels feisty possibly a PhD, assured me that reading YA is perfectly fine because obviously the people who wrote them enjoy it too and chances are they aren’t actual young adults either.

I really enjoy fantasy more than anything as I think that every Twilight fan has. Yes, I admit that I am part of that fandom that was created back in high school. It was the first book I read for fun that was unprovoked by a movie and really started my love with books and I fell hard. (I’d quote the part about being “irrevocably” in love but hey copyright – I see you) I did the midnight releases at Hastings (RIP) for Eclipse. Then I was completely Team Edward...down the blanket on my dorm bed to his poster on my dorm ceiling freshman year...of college. Oh yea, I was that person. Don’t get me started on the movies…different can of worms entirely.

But so my whole point of that little confession is that’s where I started. Young adult fantasy stories. And from there, I tried different ones. Eragon, Eon, House of night, Hunger Games, City of Bones, the Grey Wolves Series, Throne of Glass, etc. I did a lot. There was a sprinkling of other, arguably age appropriate, works in there, and one even made it to my favorites a while back here.

But it’s hard sometimes because the girls at work don’t really read, and my friends are teachers and/or parents and not close to my location. The local library has started a book club type deal but the last thing they read was Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine…I haven’t heard of this book so it’s a sample sitting on my Kindle whereas for next month, the book it To Kill A Mockingbird….I remember reading it in school and absolutely hating it. Could it be different now reading the beloved classic as an adult, quite possible but I have no desire to read it.

So again, here I am totally in a puddle of isolated meh. Maybe I’ll try and branch out and I’ve been trying to with my current reading challenge that I found in a different book club Facebook group for a podcast I listen to and I think it’s going well…Still got a couple to find that fit the criteria but I think that’s part of the fun.

What are you reading? Let me know below!!

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Adult Win - Planning

Here we are in the tunnel of April that tripped into May without me looking, I am holding strong into a trend that hasn’t gotten old and that is planning. Now I may even teeter on the crazy side because I have a planner for my day to day, aka, regular life and I also have one for work.

Sounds kinda crazy but it’s actually quite nifty because with my work, I handle a certain amount of info that is confidential and it’s definitely not something you want to run around town having it scrawled in an unsecured day planner.

I have no choice but to blame my mom for starting me on this. We have a thing and it’s called Hobby Lobby. It’s a treacherous place of pretty things that give you a hopeful feeling that everything can work. I have yet to leave empty handed. Well last year, my mom bestowed upon me this beauty... which now have the following stickers on the stripes.

This quickly became used and has grown with some new additions for the New Year. The pack it came with was pre-printed and therefore, needed to be adjusted. So I’ve added these little folders and
bookmarks to help things move along.

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to keep up with stickers because who uses stickers at my twenty something age? The answer is... the same twenty something who also uses adult coloring books….who is also me. They are so much fun and even on my down days, my slow days at work, my time where mental capacity is not an option, I can still be productive and plan.

The trick is for all of this, is never pay full price. The good Lord knows this is not a sponsored post, but if down the line when I have my shiz together they want to look in that direction, I will gladly sacrifice. But back to the obvious is never pay full price. Hobby Lobby is notorious for having sales and especially the Paper Studio brand that does everything for my planner, it will go on sale 40% or 50% off in most cases.

If by some reason you don’t go in when they are on sale, then follow these instructions:

1. Pull out your smart phone.
2. Go to the Hobby Lobby website.
3. Get 40% off coupon.

I lived under a rock for a long time not knowing this neon sign of a secret. Yes, Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon for any 1 regular priced item. It’s always there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it for stickers, other planner things, gifts, Christmas d├ęcor, etc. So use it, love it, plan it, all the things.

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