Thursday, January 30, 2020

Setting the Tone for 2020

As I write this at the end of January, I find myself reflecting on this trial run of a month because where January usually lasts roughly three years, for me it flew and I'm trying to decide if that was a good thing or not. See I spent a good portion of the month running around helping out some family that had been in the hospital and then a rehab hospital afterwards. Thankfully everything turned out well and I had some time to do what I procrastinate to do which is clean out my email.

Way way way back in the day I wrote a post on cleaning up my email from coupons and offers in an effort to not go overboard on the spending, especially with store credit cards. I'm also pretty sure that was the last time I had a good clean up on it. But while going through and unsubscribing and things, I found out that I had Torrid cash to use. 

Now I usually have to order online but the city I was in, steadily getting a bit of cabin fever, there was a store I could go into. So while someone went off to therapy, I took it upon myself to get some therapy of my own. Low and behold there was also a massive sale on clearance which happened to include workwear. If you are of the curvy and/or plus size variety, you know that: 1. It's hell to find good office wear; 2., It's expensive as hell; And 3., it NEVER goes on sale. So I was on it!

I found a few great pieces for work and a BEAUTIFUL coat that was well over $130 but good old clearance sale had my back and I was able to get it for about $30. The blazers being on trend were a divine intervention because mine never quite fit right and the one good one I have needs to be dry cleaned where these are machine washable and look fantastic even when I'm not wearing a "good bra" and that says something. 

Even more so, the store associates were wonderful. I had questions on the regular sale, the clearance sale, the when-are-swimsuits-coming-in questions. I talked to a different person each time and they were not only helpful, they were super nice about it. That's not always the case for me at Torrid. I have a draft from a while back talking about how I don't get to shop in store that much but when I do, the experience is horrible and I stick to online. Around that time I'd been to 4 stores in three states when I was travelling and my memory is when I stopped an associate to ask a question, she looked at me as though I killed her dog. I dropped my stuff and left. 

So having this great experience made me want to hug these people and thank them for really just being nice especially when they weren't aware about being interrupted by hospital staff at all hours of the night and day. It renewed my faith in especially the plus size community because out here in rural communities, you have a small town, small mind mentality a lot of the time and I hope to encounter more of this wonderfulness this year as I make some decisions for the year, so stay tuned for that. 

Have you had an instance like this? Good or bad? Tell me because I want to know. 

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