Monday, April 27, 2020

Tales of the Tank - Quarantine Essentials

Since the Corona Virus aka Covid-19 has taken over the world about as fast as Love is Blind, the self induced hostage situation has started and half the population has freaked out and the other half, at least in my area, is still like meh which has led to grr. I will even admit that I started out that way too despite being a text book high risk person. I fell for the 'it's basically the flu' hype and once I pulled my head out and started keeping up with the CDC rather than such and such station, I've made my adjustments and continued on the self induced hostage situation for weeks...because days mean nothing anymore.

So anyways, if you're confused about the title, Tales of the Tank. Let me quickly explain, I love my bags and need them sturdy and a bit Marry Poppins-ish so that I'm relatively prepared for whatever the day throws at me. Peeps with quite a commute know what I'm talking about. So now that  you know, I have a few more posts like these and I'll pop them down below.

But any-whoville, I've juggled a few sizes and style and lately for at least the past year or two, I've been a die-hard backpack purse user. On top of that, since we haven't been hit with a full country lockdown, there are some times where I've needed to go out as safely as possible. So here's a few things that should be in your bag if you have to leave home for essential reasons:

1. Wallet- I don't usually carry cash because regardless of global viruses, IT'S DIRTY AF. If you have a debit or credit card, use it. More cards are becoming contactless rather than using the chip that sooo many love (insert sarcasm). Look for this symbol on your card and it should work if the place uses them. OR if you're super fancy or live in a bigger city than me, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, just use something other than cash please.

2. External battery/ Charging cord - I will never stop carrying at least one of these around. No asking for a cord or looking for an outlet and risking sitting less that 6 feet from some random person.

3. Hand Sanitizer - As an avid and loyal customer to Bath and Body Works, this is the hand sanitizer I have and use because one, I have it and two, it's all gone as far as Purell is concerned. Now, according to the CDC, hand sanitizer is still good if it has 60% ethanol alcohol or 70% isopropanol alcohol so that physicians perform surgery. BBW hand sanitizer has 68% it's not enough for surgery but maybe enough to pick up some laundry detergent and a swiffer wet mop. Now if you are out or everywhere is, there is a DIY on the Pinterest for 70+% alcohol and aloe vera gel mixture. Use at your discretion. [[If you can also get your hands on clorox or lysol wipes, it becomes very handy to have in your car.]]

4. Medication Pouch - I have this on me anyway. Remember I mentioned that whole high risk thing? Yeah, totally feel like a class A idiot but I've made a call to make sure that my meds are in and on hand. Also thank you Tylenol and Tylenol Sinus because these allergies and sinuses have also been hella bad.

5. Notebook/Pen - Yes I use my phone for notes, but I remember more when I write it down. Like if it's not written, it doesn't exist. So for the times that I've needed to go out, I'll write down where I need to go and what I need to get done. Plan it out, execute, and back to the hidey hole. Also don't need to ask for a pen to sign for receipts. Boom.

6. Extra Mask - Regardless of how you feel about the current times or how much it does or does not affect you, there are millions of people who are at high risk. Some are elderly and some are immunocompromised and those people can be of any age. ANY. AGE. The thing is that we don't walk around with neon signs. So please just be a good person and wear a mask of sorts. Paper, fabric, bandanna, whatever. You aren't required to care but a good person cares for someone else like they do themselves. And now I'll descend off of the soapbox.

And there we go, so wherever you are, I implore you to not pull a me and dismiss the severity of what's going on and stay well. Hopefully you're able to work from home and social distance without hoarding. Check your sources for news or multiple sources and if nothing else, the CDC is easily accessible.

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