Saturday, May 4, 2019

Adult Win - Planning

Here we are in the tunnel of April that tripped into May without me looking, I am holding strong into a trend that hasn’t gotten old and that is planning. Now I may even teeter on the crazy side because I have a planner for my day to day, aka, regular life and I also have one for work.

Sounds kinda crazy but it’s actually quite nifty because with my work, I handle a certain amount of info that is confidential and it’s definitely not something you want to run around town having it scrawled in an unsecured day planner.

I have no choice but to blame my mom for starting me on this. We have a thing and it’s called Hobby Lobby. It’s a treacherous place of pretty things that give you a hopeful feeling that everything can work. I have yet to leave empty handed. Well last year, my mom bestowed upon me this beauty... which now have the following stickers on the stripes.

This quickly became used and has grown with some new additions for the New Year. The pack it came with was pre-printed and therefore, needed to be adjusted. So I’ve added these little folders and
bookmarks to help things move along.

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to keep up with stickers because who uses stickers at my twenty something age? The answer is... the same twenty something who also uses adult coloring books….who is also me. They are so much fun and even on my down days, my slow days at work, my time where mental capacity is not an option, I can still be productive and plan.

The trick is for all of this, is never pay full price. The good Lord knows this is not a sponsored post, but if down the line when I have my shiz together they want to look in that direction, I will gladly sacrifice. But back to the obvious is never pay full price. Hobby Lobby is notorious for having sales and especially the Paper Studio brand that does everything for my planner, it will go on sale 40% or 50% off in most cases.

If by some reason you don’t go in when they are on sale, then follow these instructions:

1. Pull out your smart phone.
2. Go to the Hobby Lobby website.
3. Get 40% off coupon.

I lived under a rock for a long time not knowing this neon sign of a secret. Yes, Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon for any 1 regular priced item. It’s always there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it for stickers, other planner things, gifts, Christmas décor, etc. So use it, love it, plan it, all the things.

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