Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June Living Goals

Over time I’ve read many a blog and one thing that didn’t make sense to me was posting about their goals. Mostly blog progress goals and while it’s great to have aspirations, for me they didn’t quite work because I’m not a full time blogger and I’m still working on consistency (it's going slower than molasses on Christmas Eve but it's going). So if anything, that’d be my goal in general. But then I came across It Starts With Coffee. It's run by Neely and she had goals that she wanted to do personally to get her through the month and that just clicked with me on so many levels, it wasn't even funny. So Neely if you only read up to this point, keep going girl. I will definitely be reading.

I've started a journey with my health to do better and be better. And now that I’m making progress, I don’t want to lose sight of what I’m working towards. But I’m also afraid of constantly living in survival mode and not actually living life. So to start a few things off with inspiration from Neely, I present my monthly Living Goals.

Me Working on Being Triumphant lol

1.     Read 2 books – I read 2 books the month before last by accident so I wanna see if I can do it intentionally. I’m a bit of a slower reader because either I’m only reading and nothing exists or I’m barely able to get a few pages in. There's no in between....and there should be....unless I'm reading Game of Thrones. (It's just so slow and I've been stuck on book 2 for at least a year) I also need some time away from screens. 

2.     Make a meal plan for at least two weeks – food that is good for you will always go bad faster and it pisses me off as well as my bank account to waste food and money. And honestly, I've been wasting food and money so I need to do this now because I literally have the baaaaaaaaaaaaaare minimum in my fridge. No bueno

3.     Clear out winter clothes – The weather forecast is showing the highs in the upper 90-100s out here in New Mexico. However comma, sometimes the mornings are still a tad chilly and the never ending wind can get cold too. But it's safe to say that the heavy coats and sweaters gotta go and space is needed for alllll the dresses.

4.      Change sheets every week – I'll admit it....I got lazy and now I’m breaking out. Besides who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh sheets? It's leg shaving season and the fresh sheets-fresh shaven leg feeling is so happening and it's going to be glorious!

5.      Get my laundry under control – I have a lot of clothes period. So laundry day is more like laundry week and more so when I have sheets and towels to work out as well. But I have a horrible habit of folding and leaving my piles on top of my washer and dryer…That’s gotta stop.

And we'll start here for the month and see where we go. What progress do you want to have in your life this month?

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