Friday, April 27, 2018

Successful Adulting - aka I Did It Right!

There was a moment. Picture it.

Easter weekend. Cozy clothes have been packed to enjoy a quick joint birthday get together with the familia. We started out well. Food was gathered for a BBQ because duh and twas just good chill times. UNTIL I needed to get my brother's birthday gift out of the car....Where in the inner layers of hell are my car keys?????

They are in the middle console cup holder inside my locked doors.....

Now let me give you a quick run down about my car. Yes, it's basically a full size sedan because I'm tall, fluffy, and I need my space. It's fairly recently age-wise so it's got electric locks, bluetooth, no trunk key, a keyless pad, etc. So where I could jimmy my '93 lil car in high school when I locked myself out with a wire hanger, this was nowhere near doable....I also bought the new car used. So new to me but I bought it used and the car was what I wanted but the buying experience will forever scar me. From that horrible buying experience, I never got the correct keyless code to open the no key and no keyless entry and my spares are back home 2 hours away (over 100 miles if ya don't measure distance in drive time)

So I had to call a locksmith. I know a service called AAA is really popular but I honestly don't think it's in my part of the state....or the country....yea. Anyways I don't have that or anything similar....Here I was at my parents house on Easter Sunday and had to call a locksmith via tow company to come and help me get into my car....for the cost of $80 cash.

I learned in college to find them because I had locked my keys in a couple times, including while the vehicle was running...yes, I was this person. And it was discouraging and inconvenient but I was thrilled to just be able to pay for it.

I've really had to do A TON of re-budgeting to compensate for my medical needs and really making the attempt to be healthier and part of that was to start a savings. Now it's small and it's taken me some time to get my little savings to where it was but thanks to online banking I could make a transfer and made a trip to the ATM to withdraw what I needed. 

If this was me a year ago I would not be able to do this. Honest to God I would probably have to beg, plead, bargain, swallow my pride and ask my parents to borrow funds to do what really should have been up to me. (Not that they'd mind, but it bugs me that they shouldn't need to help me so much now)

I just turned 28 and more often than not I'm telling myself that I need to get my sh!t together. It just lets me know that I am on the right path and it reminded me that when I first started to toy with blogging, I tried to get a series going call Operation Ducks in a Row. It was supposed to be a way to help hold myself accountable to do better...yea.... I really lost sight of that but today really brought that back. So who knows...maybe something else rose this weekend? I'll keep you updated on it and until then...I hope you had a great Easter weekend and we'll chat next time.

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