Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sweater Weather

Had an early cold front this weekend and it was quite chilly. Twas time to bust out the hoodies and the beanies. My hoodie is only a couple years old but I love the material. I'm not usually huge on stores like Amercian Eagle but my best friend had one that I borrowed and let's just say he was lucky he got it back. Haha but all jokes aside, I looked for one but at the time they didn't carry my size. So as I do in the majority of these instances, I went online and shopped in the mens department. Can you tell? Nope. Sometimes you just gotta try the other side and rock it.
Now the beanie was a great find. Its from the Michael Kors collection at Dillards. I have this crazy selective patience to wait for things to go on clearance, so when the summer sales hit, I pounced and scored this beanie and a matching scarf for twenty dollars together. It's soft and in a beautiful jewel tone emerald. And what you'll see with me is that if it's bold, like jewel tones, or if it sparkles, chances are I'll love it.

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