Thursday, September 18, 2014

PROOF That Plus Size Women Buy Designer

I've been pretty excited lately, 1. Because it's raining and 2. Because my sister got engaged. She and my future brother-in-law (who I've called my in-law forever anyway) have been together ten years. *Que Charlotte's scream from SATC movie* It's a huge deal. She's the first of the four of us to go into this stage of life.

He proposed while they were taking 10 year anniversary photos in Philly. (because they decided they wanted to leave us out west. lol)
You can't deny that she is beautiful

She shopped and shopped for an outfit, and as a wonderful B3 woman, using her eastern resources to find this gorgeous dress from IGIGI. Anyone who has ever looked at their website knows that this is not a 20 or even a 50 dollar dress. This was a couple hundred dollars. IGIGI is a great brand for B3 style clothing with a designer price tag to go on it. But my sister loves it, rocks it, and is planning on buying more.

It totally contradicts the general notion that informed the world of. Here's the link to that. (PS she's awesome)

She writes about how so many say that plus size women will generally buy the cheap unflattering clothing or focus on losing weight and just not buying great pieces or clothing that they love. Now I can't say that there are not people like that in the world and my sister and I have had our own moments in our lives where we were in the same place. But there's a myriad of women who are making waves about loving our bodies and my wonderful sister and I are trying to do the same by example. What girl, regardless of size, has ever not loved her body for whatever reason? How long do young girls, especially, have terrible self esteem? To many and too long is the right answer.

I owe a lot to my sister because she is amazingly strong and growing up, that helped me decide that it was ok to have an opinion and that not everyone will be ok with that opinion, but that is their problem. So here we are in the world, going out in public, subject to judgement from everyone and their dog saying "Yes, I'm Big and need bigger clothes but here I am rocking the 200+ dollar dress that many in the fashion industry say I won't buy." Totally making their reasoning for not extending sizes a sad excuse. If you make it, we will try. And if we try and like it, we will buy. 

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