Saturday, September 20, 2014

Boots, gotta love them

The technical day for fall isn't until Monday or Tuesday but we've been getting the super aftershocks of the hurricane turned tropical storm that hit the west coast, it's been rainy and cloudy and amazing all week. I've never been so grateful for a hurricane. Sorry to the coast but the rain is such a blessing here. So it was time to take out a few scarves and bring out the boots.

The top ones are from Just Fab that I was able to snag at a bargain on a facebook yard dale group. They'd never been worn and its obvious because the whole boot is still super stiff but hey it goes over my calves. The bottom ones I found at the beginning of summer on sale for about twenty bucks but my bf got a pair of shoes and it was a bogo sale, can you say "hey ten dollar boots!" They don't quite make it over my calves but maybe after some wear they'll loosen up.

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