Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Don't Just Talk With Your Hands - Nifty Nails

In my line of work, people are always looking at my hands. There's a lot of typing and pointing involved, so it's obvious to have a good hand care routine. I do have a bit of sensitive skin and that can seem limiting, but if anything it just makes you pay attention to the things your using.

I've had some great luck with Mary Kay Satin Hands. I've always loved their sugar scrubs and in the set it is just heaven. Even my brother uses it to help with his super dry hands. Now I understand that sometimes the MK price isn't always the desired amount and to that I can only say, Pinterest. There's a DIY recipe for homemade sugar scrubs so browse away and follow me while you're there.

There's a few ladies at work who have their nail guys number practically memorized. You have the acrylic cult and the gel lover. Even one our very own coworker is a certified cosmetologist so she just does her own and sometimes shares the knowledge, tips, and tricks. I have tried the acrylic but do prefer the gel. I just can't take the wear and tear on my nail beds time after time. Occasionally I attempt to get creative with some insight from our cosmetologist and it's not terrible but time consuming. I love doing my nails, there is no doubt about that so when I tried these Nail Strips from Sally Hansen and KISS, I have decided that these people need some kind of prize.

It seemed simple enough. Match the nail, stick it and file the excess off. Especially with the french tip, just popping a clear quick dry and BAM. Nails done with left overs for next time. Now the package says they should stay on for about 10 days. I tried the Sally Hansen ones first and I wish I kept a picture of them. They stayed on well for about two weeks so we'll see how these from KISS hold up. I get a lot of compliments on them and 8 dollars at the drug store beats out 30 for me any day. (Pedicures are a different story tho - just needed to point that out)

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