Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feminism - It is what it is... right?

It's no secret that feminism has been around a while and a lot of the major issues have been getting some major attention. Birth control, abortion, the pay gap, etc. They can spark some major debates on both sides of the fence. But from what I thought feminism was to apparently what it gets translated to now are somewhat but not short of extremes.

Now I don't know about what you guys learned in history, but from what I understand, feminism was a powerful point in time when women bonded together for equal rights. For the right to vote, to be seen as a competent human being who's worth surpasses that of producing children and nothing more. For the right to choose who they wanted to be, whether it be a doctor or to even just to decide that they wanted to wear pants. Women wanted to be held accountable for more than what they were treated or brought up to be to make their own decisions and to be their own person by their own rules.

But now it seems that there was a shift in the meaning. Maybe it's just the connotation of it now or just the power of the few who ruined it for everybody in some way. I read on Twitter from E News about Kaley Cuoco(-Sweeting), from the amazing Big Bang Theory, stating that she doesn't consider herself a feminist. Here's the link.

She has taken the role of a housewife with her married life. Cooking and cleaning and building a home for her family. She calls it old fashioned and that she really hasn't had to deal with inequality. People were in an uproar. All you have to do is look at the comments to it and see the madness happening on both sides. But the thing is that maybe she's not looking at the root of feminism but more what feminism is seen as now, aggressive, in-your-face, you're-with-us-or-against-us stance on life. But look deeper people:

* She is getting paid (at or about) a million dollars an episode like her male co-stars. There may be a difference in the actual number but that part I don't know for sure and if it was to be less then I'm sure she'd have negotiated it to equal because yes, she deserves it.

* She's owned up about her breast implants not to treated as a sex symbol but to her confidence. It was her decision and for her alone.

* Because she is working, she is supporting the family she is building by her own terms. If it was really the Republican Mother stance from US history, she wouldn't be working, wouldn't have a voice, and would end up seen and not heard with no legal rights to the money she is making.

From what I can gather about her relationship and about how many relationships are, and should be, is give and take. She may give him dinner and "serve" him five out of the Seven nights a week but he probably does other things in return for her. I'm glad she didn't have to (at least to me) fight for her million an episode or was required to get a boob job. Some of us are still fighting to get what we want and that's ok. She's still in control of her life and her own happiness and I think that was one of the goals of feminists in the first place.

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