Thursday, March 5, 2015


Everyone has their own interpretation of what an emergency is. There’s the actual 9-1-1 emergency. There’s an emergency where you start your period the day before an event and bloat so much that the zipper of the dress doesn’t budge. It’s always an emergency when you’re wearing white with small children around at lunch. The point is that it varies between actual life and death and ego bruising or embarrassment. Well let me tell you that I have done a triathlon of all these in one in the span of a couple weeks.

Now part of me wants to say what exactly happens and while I wouldn’t mind, some others may. On top of that, I’ve been really trying to live in a body positive light while knowing that my family medical history isn’t the greatest and that will most definitely be out there. But the thing to remember is that much of my own family medical history is NOT caused by being overweight. Let me repeat that, many health issues that my family goes through is NOT caused by being overweight. Does it help? No. We know that, so while it’s not my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and be thin. My life goals are to be healthy and if I happen to lose a few pounds from it, cool. If not, cool.

But in this last week, I have been to 3 hospitals in two cities for 3 different family members. The hard part was that we came back with 2 family members. My mom’s mom and my dad’s dad were in two separate hospitals at the same time and unfortunately, God had called my Abuelito to rest after some heavy complications after fighting 2 batches of cancer and sepsis. My grandma came through her surgery and was able to go home a few days later where we found out that my dad had a broken leg a week after a bad fall.

Pretty much everyone has missed at least a week of work and school.

I flew from home #2 to go to the hospital and then to home with limited supplies. And surprisingly made it without using too much money. I don’t know how many of you make emergency trips out of town, but maybe what I’ve done can help you when you’re out of your mind and need to drive or fly out as soon as possible.

A good size overnight bag is your friend – this one was a Christmas gift from Ulta. It's a little smaller than a duffel bag and has the ability to roll.

Good fitting pair of jeans – doesn’t need to be the fanciest pair but if you’re expecting to sit for a while on a drive or sleep in a waiting room, may as well be comfy (thank you maurices)

Camisoles – I had two with me. I normally wear them on a daily basis anyway so these are some of the first things I pack

Oversized t-shirt and basketball shorts – you don’t need silk pj’s but a t shirt covers most everything and lets you unwind without being confined. Whether they are yours or your significant others or just a pack from the men's dept, just take them. You’ll thank yourself later.

Couple of blouses – it could be a couple of graphic tees or in my case, was one graphic tee and one actual blouse in case I needed to leave early in the morning for work…which I did.

Socks and underwear – I am a firm believer that you cannot pack too many. Whether you’re expecting to be gone a couple days or a week, pack at least a few days worth if not a week's worth because who knows, you may end up seeing Aunt Flo.

Optional – Slacks/dress pants or a work outfit – I tend to leave in the mornings for work which isn’t usually a big deal because my hometown is two hours away from where I live so I just wake up early and get to work. So I make sure to bring dress pants, a blouse, and flats. Just something simple, yet appropriate.

Accessories – it’s not that important but some quick things to grab to last you a while: A neutral scarf, small earrings or studs, and a watch. Put it all, minus scarf, in a smaller bag so you’re not emptying your bag in front of God and everyone.

I was able to make it a week at home with limited clothes and still had something to wear to the funeral. A quick wash later and I was able to come back to work without too much worry. So read it over and I hope this helps someone in their own emergency, whatever kind it may be.

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