Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

Well the day has come to screw up our sleep schedules and question which time is the real time. So far I've gotten two clocks changed over with whole Daylight Savings and still need about a zillion other clocks to change or at least that is what it feels like. But there's so much more that goes with today.

Today would have been my Abuelito's 76th birthday. He was almost there and so my family back home went together and had a dinner all dressed in blue to celebrate his life and legacy. 5 healthy, for the most part, children and their spouses with grand kids and even great grand kids. It just goes to further show how much of life we spend. Whether it's on worry or fear or excitement. We have just one life to live and going through the motions in survival mode are not exactly living.

With the change in the time is coming the change in the season and it is sparking a possible change in life. I don't get to many of these and while I do my best to adapt and lead especially for my family's sake, this could potentially be the scariest. I don't want to go into details because all of it is still hypothetical but possible and probable. I'm used to doing things alone but I have found in this short amount of time, that who know has a big impact on how you see things.

My mom always said to me, tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. And in so many ways that is true, but so much of what even I don't realize is that there are definitely people out there who actually do give a damn. (excuse the French) After this time with my family in their mourning and coming back to somewhat of a routine has shown me that there is a change that needs to happen. I think everyone has these things.

As we grow, not just in year's and experience but just grow, we evolve ourselves. Our tastes changes, our priorities, our everything shifts. That could potentially lead to moving away or changing jobs or even just changing your wardrobe. That's one of the steps I did today with the help of a wonderful person who just started out being on of my customers.

Just like any small town, you get to know the people. And this woman has always put a smile on my face any time I see her. She's so full of life and even when things have brought her down, she still smiles and moves forward. She's accomplished a feat for herself by losing over sixty pounds and counting. She looked fabulous before and still does now, but she had found herself with a wardrobe that hung off of her and her first thought was me. It's not hard to see that I'm the biggest person at work but I do pride myself on being able to dress for my size and shape. She let me into her wonderful walk in closet and all but threw clothes at me to try on. Some I had seen her wear and so many that still had tags. She gave me first dibs and I was able to get about $200 or more of clothes for $40. She talked me up and down and while in the beginning I thought it was only because I could do my job well, she saw me as a good enough person to open up her home to and to even think of me and the joy that this gesture has done.

I, now, am thoroughly excited to go to work tomorrow in a new ensemble. It's a great feeling when people want you to succeed in life and I wish her all the best and will wear these clothes out. She's one of a couple people in my life especially lately that have brought some great meaning into my life that could make these potential future changes happen.

So be careful not to burn bridges. You don't know who else out there can see the good in you. It's like my theatre professors say...that no one can get to the top by themselves. Someone knows someone somewhere who could be the one to change your life. And since we are wanting for the better, know that when you know what you know, keep in mind who you know, because that will be your edge.

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