Tuesday, February 23, 2016

7 Perks to Living Alone

I’ve always been pretty independent, even according to my mom as a kid, and a lot of that helps me now that I’m working out this adulting part of life. I’ve lived by myself for a long time. Even with roommates in college, my dorm life went from roomy to no roomy for different reasons and my RA just never gave me a new one. Even when I lived off campus with other roomies, we had such different schedules that we weren’t at the apartment at the same time most of the time. And now with no school and no roommates, there’s definitely a lot of upsides to living by yourself.

1.       The ability to walk and be around the house in PJs or less. There’s no one around to be decent or sexy or modest for. If you want to walk around without pants as soon as you get home, then let the trail of clothes begin

Google is on point in the search area

2.       Have it your way. No, seriously. Even in a rental, there are a million things to make your place your own. There’s a living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen that can all be decorated differently with your own taste with no arguments other than yourself(because yes, that will happen). But double check the ability to paint, because big changes are usually a no with landlords. I’ve been toying with the idea of temporary wall paper. Hang it up and work it out and if and when I move, it is supposed to come off but there’s more research to be done on that end.

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3.       Have one bathroom schedule to keep or not. Unless you have guests staying over, there’s no Dr. Sheldon Cooper telling you that it’s not your turn or where to keep your toiletries

Ultimate roommate situation - thank you Google Search

4.       There’s no roommates to blame for the dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher. There’s no one else to complain for leaving clothes in the washer and dryer. Everything is up to you and if you want to leave it, that is at your own risk. You can really test your own limits with chores and I feel that it helps get you in gear because if it bothered you with roommates, it will bother you more without them. And if it didn’t bother you, it will now, guaranteed or I have no sanity.

And the internet provides

5.       You literally have your own space. One issue that I had with living on campus was that yes I got my own half of the room but the times where I needed to just be alone and handle my thoughts or life in general, I couldn’t be alone. When you do, yes you have to deal with yourself but you can do that in peace. So if it’s Netflix and ice cream or blaring your stereo to get some energy out, you can just do you boo boo.

It really provides so much truth in life

6.       Sprawl out all over your bed or couch or floor, wherever your little heart desires!!! It’s one thing if you live with roommates or a significant other, but being able to leave the trail of clothes at the door or falling asleep in a starfish fashion on your bed is a great feeling. With roommates, you have to respect each other’s boundaries, but when it’s all yours then there are none. So lay across the couch or paint your toes in the living room with a sheet mask on.

I know I've slept all these ways and maybe a few more lol

7.       Be as quiet or as loud as you want. Trust me both extremes will come into play. Going thru life with roomies, there’s usually something going on. Living on campus, my friends usually had a tv show going on when I came ‘home’ or some sort of music. My older brother is a wonderful musician as is my younger brother, so classical music, big band, Dixieland, and other band arrangements of popular songs were being made at all times of the day and night for a majority of my life. That was the biggest change when I started living alone so the quietness got on my nerves, so I will always have access to movies being played in the background, or music or videos on Youtube to keep my mind from wandering. (Also I’ve gotten to a point where I can measure how much time I’ve spent by how long a song or movie was. Works wonders in the mornings.) But then there are times like me writing this post, where I’m a bit sick from stomach and headache issues, sound is the enemy and it can be quiet for however long I need it to be. No one to remind that I feel like crap and appropriately hiss when they turn on the light, or the tv, or the xbox. 

Yasss, Fave feel better movie

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