Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Relationships and Things

I feel compelled to write a bit and pull a Carrie Bradshaw, well kinda. I woke up today and was super annoyed and bummed and it felt like a Monday on crack. Now that your "?" is fully above your head, let me explain.

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Thursdays are a day that I look forward to literally every week. My boyfriend, a few friends and I have a thing and that thing is always where we know the peeps working and just have a good time with good friends. And this particular week something came over me...there's no way to explain it other than I passed out. I woke up this morning, fully dressed and wondering what time is was and then it hit me, I slept through our night out.

It really did feel like a Monday but worse because it's Friday. So I showed up to work and went straight for the coffee. Was texting my boyfriend about my dramatic woes because he had texted me about it last night and knew that I fell asleep. Then, he defeated me with his logic when I said that it just sucks that I missed out on the night I look forward to during the week.

He doesn't understand how something this simple just literally shattered my melodramaticness. He tends to have this affect on me and while part of me is asking why can't I just be pissy?! The other part is like woah.... he's right.

See last week, I was stressing about having my annual physical and getting a couple things checked that have been driving me and my nerves crazy. Turns out I did need some meds and am on my way to being healthy again. On top of that, I had an argument that left me super torn and he let me vent about it, comment free. So even with missing out last night, I am in a better place now than I was last week. I just had to look at the bigger picture.

It was, literally, a light bulb. He's always such a happy-go-lucky guy and while I tend to freak, he keeps it cool. He reminds me to look at the bigger picture or a different perspective and it reminds me of one of the reasons I love him so much. And I think that is what relationships should be. Whether it's a significant other or just a friend, we should be encouraging and inspiring each other to be a better person otherwise, Carrie Bradshaw has to wonder.....what are you bringing to the table of your relationship??

I am the person who pops up under the synonym of pessimist in the thesaurus. I'm not saying that it's hard to think positive, because it really isn't. I am the person who hopes for the best, but expects the worst. It's not a trait that I am proud of and it's one that I am trying to work on. He helps with that. With little things like that and my attitude changed for the entire day.

So be kind to others and just think, you may be in a better place this week than you were in some aspect last week. 

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