Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I've Learned in 25 Years

It’s been quite the eventful week. I’ve just turned 26 and it hit me, in a dramatic fashion of course, that I’ve completed a quarter century of life. Granted, I don’t remember the beginning ones but, the fact remains that there is a lot I’ve learned in this time up to now. Now that I’ve, technically, entered the later 20’s, there’s still a lot to learn but there’s also a ton that I have learned that I think everyone should at least consider. We brag about being in our twenties and being adulty, but it’s still a process for sure.
So take what I’ve learned and see if it works with you too.

1.       Life’s not fair. It’s not just a cliché of a phrase. It’s really not, things will get rough and then there’ll be good times. But you have to roll with the punches and go. The world will not cuddle you forever. You’ll more than likely get dropped like a new born giraffe. The trick is to get up and walk no matter how wobbly you start.

2.       Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve definitely had my proud moments that I’m not exactly proud of. There’s a difference in having someone help you and having someone do everything for you. For example, if you don’t know how to change a tire by now? Call someone and have them show you step by step because if you are on the side of the road, someone may stop and help or they may keep driving.

3.       Go to the damn doctor! Since I’ve turned 26, I’ve officially aged out of my parents’ insurance plan. So now, that’s coming out of my pocket. If you are on the insurance of your parentals, take advantage of that because it’s better to nip something in the bud now than wait til you have to pay for everything yourself and by then what may have been a small issue could become a bigger one really quick. Trust me, surgery is scary in person and on the bill.

4.       Things won’t go to plan, but plan anyway. I’m pretty sure that every specific plan I plan out never goes the way it’s supposed to. I could take a Saturday and plan out work, laundry, washing my car and writing and end up doing two loads of laundry and forgetting/leaving one in the dryer til Tuesday. But plan it out anyway. Planners are the trend but it’s better to actually use it. Even if they don’t go on schedule, you still know what you have to get done eventually.

5.       Have an emergency plan – Speaking of planning, read my post on what I do and pack when an emergency hits. Some people plan in the event of the zombie apocalypse, I tend to plan trips to the hospital or emergency sick trips home. When you’re in a bind for time, you feel better knowing you’ve brought more practical things instead of losing your head.

6.       Communication is key – Even I tend to slack on this one but it’s one that will only become more important. You have to talk to the people in your life. Whether it be your family, especially those you don't see all the time and even the ones you do. They are all you have in the world, like it or not. You have to communicate with the people at work. You don’t have to be best buddies but often times, you see them more than anyone else. In my work, I talk to a ton of college students and I tell them all to talk to their teachers, professors, etc. The more of a relationship you make with those who could help you move forward, the better off you’ll be. Remember it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know.

7.       Take a chance.  We always hear about our twenties being exciting and using this time to make mistakes and find out who we are and the person we want to be. Something make seem small but once you do it, then it’s huge. As I’m writing, a couple good friends are getting tattooed. One for the first time. That’s a chance I want to take more than anything and that plan will hopefully take place in the near future. Instead I’m rediscovering my love for the arts like I did here.

8.       Say “NO” more often. I don’t say this enough for sure and I’ve had my fair share of consequences for it. Do I want to go to a midnight release of a movie? I say yes but I really mean God-NO! I'll never get up in the morning. I do think I find myself using this more and I'm so ok with that.

9. Save your money and start your retirement. Sometime in your twenties, you've might've been working somewhere for a year and while living in the here and now is great, but chances are my generation may not get Social Security. So you need a back up plan to save you 30-40 years later. Unless you're married and/or with kids, your priority should be taking care of yourself. It adds up quicker than you think if you check out these scenarios.

10. And last but not least and this one is also a bit reaffirming for me, you are not going to be 100% ready. I like my comfort zone and have a guilty conscience from time, so you could call me a worrier. Really, I worry about everything, money, people, life, relationships, etc. It's all part of getting older and attempting to understand how the world works but honestly, if you have to wait until you're ready for it, I'm pretty sure you can count on it Not happening. I don't want to pull the YOLO or the Carpe Diem out but really think about it, fifteen years from now, what would you tell someone else about how to handle life? 

And now that I've turned the page on to a new chapter of life, I'm really wondering about where my life will take me and where I want it to go, but at least I have some of these locked down. :)

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