Saturday, September 24, 2016

10 Pokemon Go Hunting Essentials

Alrighty then, so if you've been literally under a rock in the deepest depth of the ocean, welcome back to surface and sorry about your lost voice. What you need to know is readily available on the internet but be careful what you read because the world is scary and the only thing that seems to be keeping some sanity and/or faith in humanity, lately, is Pokemon Go.

Now there are those of us, like myself, who've been waiting impatiently for this game to become a reality since the Blue version and there's a lot who've picked it up to see what the hype is that has literally been around the world and thankfully there's more positive than negative.

Long story that-has-a-million-tutorials-around-YouTube-short, is that you physically have to get outside to enjoy the mesh or the real world and the Pokemon world. Since the game's release, I have walked well over 7 miles or according to my eggs, at least 15km. I can honestly say that I don't know how relative those numbers are, I just know what my pedometer says and how many eggs I've hatched while actually walking.

And I'm not a small nor athletic person. I am Big, Bad, and Beautiful yes, but getting me outside after work is not easy. Yet, my first day playing, despite server issues, I walked for 2 and a half hours around town picking up items at Pokestops and catching Pokemon in places I see just about everyday and it's FANTASTIC. I've met many a people who I'd normally never outwardly speak to and we've shared tips and trades and battled gyms. I can honestly say that this has been a great habit to start and pick up with. A few friends chat and meet up in the evening when it's the coolest and walk about the hot spots in town and this is where our post has more meaning because we are out for a long time and our phones are on a long time. So here's some essentials to keep you going while Pokemon hunting or as I like to say, going on a PokeWalk.

1. A Good Bag - backpack, messenger, crossbody bag whatever works for you to keep these essentials in while keeping your hands free is a must. If you've been reading my Tales of the Tank, as you totally should, I'll have one up for these particular types once it's written.

2. External Battery - if you've read my posts or been on my Twitter feeds or just on social media, the word is getting around about external batteries. I'm a huge fan of these, in general, so call me hipster when I say that I was all about these before Pokemon Go. I'm ok with that, but read up here and learn you some before throwing money at these sources of power.

***6000 mAh Battery at Big Lots for $8***

3. Wall/ Car Outlet - Seems weird coming after the external battery talk, but if you've read my other old post about electronics, you'll see that I tend to be prepared. Besides one of our hot spots on campus does have outlets as do many a restaurants.

4. Charging Cord - I've noticed more recently with my Galaxy S7 that the quality of the charging cord is really starting to matter. My trusty 10 ft cheapo is seriously slacking so I've been searching and finding some great nylon/cordy/thicker/labeled as actual fast charging thanks to my amazing BFF. So thanks to my great relationship with Amazon Prime, those should be here soon for my house, for work, and for my electronics bag that I'll throw in here.
***Cord and wall outlet are my original S7 gear***

5. Bottle of Water - Regardless if you live in the desert or not, this is key if you plan on being out for a while. There's enough trouble out in the world without people falling over with a heat stroke. So have some bottles whether they store bought, or reusable, and take you some H2O.
***Kuzi was gifted***

6. Sunblock - Again another key especially if you are out during the day. For people like me, I don't get out much outside of work during the day. And one of the things that my stylist said when she gave me my super awesome cut, was that sunblock is essential period for my newly released scalp that hasn't seen the light of day in some time. Aaaand let's be honest, most of us are adults, so act grown and put some spf on.

7. Wallet - You've already got a bag and a ton of Pokestops and restaurants are restaurants so go out and support the local economy either by yourself or with your PokeCrew.

8. Headphones - For the times that you are by yourself, a good set of headphones will keep your shields up with great musica and with an added mic, still have actual phone call making skills, you know...if you use your cell phone for actually speaking... (ba dum tss)
***Music Headphones were from Hot Topic for $8.25***

9. Chapstick/Lip Balm - it goes along with the sunblock thing. Our lips get neglected and being the elements...and the sun, nobody has time for chapped lips.
***Lip Balm from Sephora approx $8 when I bought it***

10. Google Rewards (Android) - Sorry apple users, haven't used an iPhone in a hot damn minute and I doubt it's available for you.... But anyways, check out my May Favorites for the full details on this app that lets me buy PokeCoins without really needing to spend any of my actual money.

So gather it up and pop it in your bag and go catch them all....safely of course. Because that's what this screen is for...

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