Monday, September 12, 2016

Operation Ducks in a Row - Relationships and Life.

The question is not do you like or love him, the question is do you like yourself with him.

So I've been out of commission for the last few weeks and it's given me too much time to think and ponder. Sadly, I didn't get much writing done but I had done a lot of reading and a bit of coloring. (Major shout out to my sister who found the coloring book that I was looking for from my faves post - LOVE YOU!)

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Like I said, I've been doing a lot of reading. Blogs, articles, books oh my! It's been great to hold my focus and ignore the state that I was in. My most recent book is one that I picked up on a whim since Hastings has gone belly up, the sales have been phenomenal so I perused the rows and found 10 Girls To Watch by Charity Shumway

I won't lie when I said that the cover caught my eye, but picking it up and reading the summary helped say YES FINALLY A BOOK ABOUT SOMEONE MY AGE! Don't get me wrong, I like reading books about people who are younger and older but to have a book about a twenty something struggling through life was something I definitely needed to read.

I'm almost done and I don't want this to turn into a book review just yet, mainly because I haven't finished it and also because there was a thought that popped up a couple times and it struck a cord. In terms of like, love, and relationships, the main character, Dawn, was told by her woman of wisdom that it's not so much about who you are with romantically, it's more important as to how you like yourself when you're with them.

It reminded me of a post I did a while back about thinking positively. My boyfriend is a happy-go-lucky type of guy and is constantly looking at the brighter side of things. Me....not so much. You can read up on that here but it gets me thinking about relationships with people and with life. Not to boast, but thinking over the course of my relationship, I've liked myself more and more in terms of looking for and thinking more positively and for that I thank my beb. But from there, it makes sense to look at the other relationships in life.

So my recommendation to you guys is:

1. Find this book and read it. I think it's wonderful and something that us twenty somethings, who haven't quite led the life that we pictured or planned out, can relate to.

2. Look at your relationships, friends, significant others, jobs, life situations. Do you like who you are in these relationships?

I've been going over some of the relationships in my life and some are going great and there's definitely some areas that I need to break up with....just need some time and this duck will get in line.

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