Monday, December 1, 2014

If I Want Your Shakes, I'll Ask

As anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows, you get a lot of different people. People you like, and a lot that you don’t. Between the regulars, the sweet old people and the not-so-sweet ones, somewhere in there you have the independent entrepreneurs who are trying their hand at whatever they are selling. Now most of the time I don’t mind, hearing their shpeal as I had tried my hand at selling Mary Kay at one point in time, unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. However lately, I’ve had the wellness gurus come in spouting their specific benefits to me after being looked up and down.

I don’t blame them, they are trying to do their job, but it really bugs me that I’m always the one they go to first as if they are my savior. Yes, I know I am the biggest person here, but that is nothing new. Yes, everyone can make healthier decisions, however, just because I am this size does not automatically mean that I am looking for a product to lose weight. Some people’s goal is to be thin, mine is not. I may not be as healthy as I could be but that is a work in progress. I do not secretly hate myself for my size. It took me too long to be happy with who I am to revert back to that. My confidence may have been shaken every so often but not to the point that they may think so.

Basically I’ve had about three customers come in, size me up and then tell me about how great their products are to lose weight and be healthier. Now, there is a right and wrong way to go about this, but they were obviously not given the memo that how you say things affects how people perceive them, especially in sales. A big part of me wanted to yell, “No I don’t care about your shakes, and my health is between my doctor and I.” So many times, you hear people wanting to say they are trying to help by pushing the health needs and benefits in your face like a bible thumper, but in actuality it’s them having a problem with people like me. They have a problem with my size, with my happiness, and why should I be happy with myself when they are not. I’m sorry but I’m not here on this planet to please you. Other plus size women, and men, are not here to be pushed thru the mud for everyone else to walk across. It doesn’t work that way with me. So keep moving.
And give me a moment to descend from my soap box.

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