Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Relationship With Old Navy

So if you haven't heard about it yet as you may be super stoked that we landed on a comet, another store has caused many a ruffled feather with the plus size community. That would be Old Navy and surprisingly enough, I'm not surprised.

Here's one of the articles about it.

I used to be nearly religious when it came to Old Navy jeans. As a pre-teen beginning puberty, I was not only a bit bigger but I was awkward and tall and only got taller with age. The only jeans I could find to fit were Old Navy jeans. They were great. The length was awesome, they were sturdy enough to handle years of the chub rub. The quality of the denim was amazing.

Fast forward to here and now, I couldn't find my size in a store if I searched their entire warehouse. I've tried buying online from them (there isn't a local store anyway so I have to buy online) and was given the wrong size a couple times. Don't get me started on the returns. The correct size jeans hardly ever fit right and the tops that I have, I try not to wear too often because they aren't the most flattering. They tend to fit loose and just get looser to the point that it looks frumpy but are nifty when I'm sick. So I have a hard time believing that they have a team of people attempting to make their plus size women clothing the most flattering and 'figure enhancing' as possible.

It's every store's excuse that plus size clothes need more material or in their case, design, However comma, I have always had a hard time believing that straight size clothes are at least $15 cheaper than plus whether they are men's or women's. They can just say that they are charging us because they can. Look at every other retailer that offers their version of plus size clothes. We can't try them on because they are only offered online. There still isn't much of a market for us so the price is controlled whether the quality is great or terrible. We are forced to trust them based on their straight sizes only and the fact that they have the 'option' of plus size clothes.

Old Navy is just another store that falls into the bin. It may work for some but then there's the rest of us. To them, we are not lucrative enough to have in their stores. So many stores just don't want the public to see us in their stores. I've already made peace with my lost relationship with Old Navy. We used to be so right and then the seams unraveled.

I wish that I could be a bit more outraged about this like a lot of other people, but I'm not surprised this happened and happens all the time. Part of it may be because I don't shop there much anymore or that I've found other brands that work for me a lot more than they do. I'd rather shift my focus to see how well Rue 21 does with their new plus line. I'm just hoping the store in my area will have it while expecting it not to have room for the plus size line. Call me a pessimist, but that's sadly our reality.

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