Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Out of the Comfort Zone With My Hair

PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only person who's hair gets all over their last nerve.

I've had an interesting time with my hair since my surgery a while back and a frustrating time with the ugly scar that was left behind. Since it had gone in my hair line, this growing out process has been fun but it's also summer is here and I will be damned if I can't pull my hair up. This week alone, it's been 80 degrees before 9am, then we roast like a good rotisserie for the day in the 90-100's and it's still 80 degrees after 9pm.

Well like hair goes, it grew and I found out that the little edges would not stay in a low ponytail let alone a regular one. So after some initial surfing on the Pinterest, I found the solution! The Undercut.

Here's the one I saw and pinned so quick my phone didn't know what to do with itself.

Here's mine. It's AWESOME!! I had my stylist throw in some highlights earlier in the year and then she was all for doing this for me. I was nervous mainly because this was going to be a big change since the surgery. It was a willing change and the only person who semi-freaked out was my dad. Then I told him about my scar issues and he understood, which then led to a thunderstorm later.

Coming from an old-school Hispanic family living in the edge of the bible belt, so many times it's hard finding that middle ground. Where I'd love to be out and do amazing and crazy creative things, I'm still semi-recognized in this small community as a professional. Not to say that it's a downside but I don't need my work life to be more stressful than it already is, especially when I'm off the clock. So I keep to my bubble and sometimes it's suffocating. Having this little perk just for myself to show off when I want makes me feel like I don't have to be in a box all the time.

 A few things to know about getting an undercut:

1. Make sure your stylist can do it and is willing to do it. In many circles, it can be said this is not your grandmother's style. So pitch it and chances are are they will be excited too. Mine was :)

2. Commit to it. My stylist is super awesome and even though I had a couple reservations, she eased me into with a great point, it is hair so it's gonna grow back in case I didn't like it.

3. I have a triangle shape but it can just be cut across, so whatever design you're wanting, look it up and you can change it up when you get it touched up.

4. Getting buzzed for the first time with clippers is a very odd sensation so just go with it. It may be a bit itchy initially but trust me it will go away.

5. Touching up will be a must. I won't lie when I say I've lagged for how fast my hair grows. So know your hair works and again, Talk. To. Your. Stylist. They are professionals after all.

Remember to do what scares you.

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